Is this love?

As we enter the drive way my jaw drops as I see a big mansion awaiting me. "Is this yours?!" I say in disbelief "not just mine it's also the boys". "Oh ya, I can't wait I meet them!" As he parks the car I grab my bags and he grabs the rest. We walk inside and I'm greeted by 4 bright smiles.
"You must be Niall's little sister Marie, I'm Louis" as he says that he puts both of his hands on my shoulders. Gosh he is so funny! "Liam" he says holding out a Hand for me to shake. "Hi love' my names Zane. Let me tell you this you look nothing like that pig over their, we'll besides the blond hair and blue eyes!" We all laugh and point at Niall. Last but not least I see harry walking towards me, damn! He was only wearing sweatpants and a benie, he is so hot, I love his curls, emerald eyes, and his tattoos...."hi I'm harry, why don't we get a beautiful girl a beautiful room!" He interrupted my thoughts. He through me over his shoulder and ran up the stairs laughing, while playfully tickle ing me...........

The author has rated this movella as red, meaning it is inappropriate for users under the age of 16.
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