Is it wrong?

Harry finds himself so confused. He has never felt this way before. Autumn walks into his life as his temporary foster sister but he falls in love. Autumn doesn't know how she feels but she knows there is something different about Harry. Harry doesn't know what to do.
Should he choose to disobey his family and love her or forget about her?


6. Is It Wrong?

Harry's POV

Everyone left and I plopped down on the coach next to Autumn. She didn't seem happy. Was that a sob? She had her head low. "Autumn, what's wrong?" I ask. "Me. Us. This. It's wrong." She says sobbing more. I pull her into my chest. "Autumn, I love you. I've thought a lot about this. I've had a lot on my mind making me unhappy but when I kiss you, it all goes away." I express. "But isn't this wrong?" She asks. "I don't know, does it feel wrong?" I ask. She smiles and shakes her head. I smile and kiss her. We pull away and she rests on my chest. (Get it it We watch tv for hours until I notice she was asleep. She was moving a lot and talking. I shook her awake and she jerked almost hitting me in the face. "Autumn, are you ok? What'd you dream about?" I ask. "Us. People finding out. Niall finding out. One Direction would be over. Your friendship would be over. He would never talk to me again." She goes on and on. "Autumn," I interrupt. "Please stop. You're worrying me." I plead. "I'm scared Harry. For me and you. For your family." She says. "It's ok. I'm not gonna let anything hurt you or my family. Niall won't find out and my family will understand." I say. She takes a deep breathe and nods. "Come on. You need a spa day." I say. "Oh no. Spas are expensive and I'm not taking that from you." She says. "Yes you are. Come on I don't want you to be stressed. Please." I give her the puppy dog face knowing that she can't resist it. "Fine. Gah you know I can't say no when you do that." She complains. "Come on grumpy pants." I tease. She giggles and follows me to the car.

~*~ At The Spa~*~

Autumn's POV

The spa was nice and relaxing. It took my mind off of me fear. I was happy with Harry. In fact I hadn't been that happy since my mom and I were together. Harry had a way with things. He knew what to say and what not to say. We may be siblings for now but not permanently...right? So the question is, is this really wrong? I loved his family and I know he did too. My only family was Niall and I was glad that they were best friends. We head back home where again it was just me and him. I loved everything about him. His curls. His smile. His lips oh how I love his lips. They're so soft and pink. I plop down on the couch and he sits next to me.

"Autumn?" He asks

"Hmm?" I look at him.

"You wanna go on a date with me?" I smile.

"I'd love to. When?"

"Tonight." He says with a smile.


"That's for me to know and for you to love." He says cheekily.

I curl up into him. I hear the door swing open and I jump away. It was Niall. "What's up?" He asks. "Bro you ever heard of knocking?" Harry asks. "Yep just to lazy." He says. That's Niall. "What are you guys doing tonight?" He asks. "I have something to do." I said. "Oh yeah? And what is that?" He asks. I look at Harry like the answer was on his forehead. "I'm hanging out with a guy." I say. "Who?" He asks. "What does it matter? I'm going upstairs." I say and jog upstairs. I go into my room and sigh with relief.

Harry's POV

Autumn jogged upstairs. Man her bum is fit. What? I don't have to fight it anymore. Niall looks at me weird. "What?" I ask. "What happened to her?" He asks sitting next to me. "I thinks he's just nervous about her date." I say. He shrugs and sits back. "So are you doing anything tonight?" He asks. Come on Harold think. THINK! "Yeah I'm going to eat with an old friend." I say. Yes. "Oh ok." He says. "Why?" "I just didn't want to be bored." He said. I nod. We talk for a while. I look at the time and see it's 2 hours till my date with Autumn. "Well I better head out." He says. I sigh with relief. I say goodbye and run upstairs to get everything ready. So much to do. So little time.

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