Wrong Feels So Right (Nathan Sykes Fan Fiction)

Lara's starting her senior year of high school. The year everyone looks forward too. It's supposed to be full of fun and relationships. For Lara, it isn't. Trying to get over her ex, Josh, Lara finds herself falling for a certain band member who, in turn, is slowly falling for as well. What happens when Lara promises herself to stay away? Will her promise to graduate single stay or will she break it for this boy?


1. Chapter One

“Lara, please hurry up. You don’t want to be late on the first day of senior year!”

Yes, I was running a little behind, but who really cares. Everyone says your senior year is always the best year of school, but I just see it as one more year of long, boring classes with a lot of work and teachers who expect too much out of you.

“LARA! Let’s go. Tiffany and Claire are here.”

Really, this is the one thing about my mom that KILLS me. When she feels rushed, she tends to yell.

Me: “Okay mom, I’ll be right down.”

Tiffany and Claire are my best friends. We do everything together. It's always been this way, too. Our mothers were friends as teenagers and when they all got pregnant around the same time, they got even closer. Now, not only are they best friends, we are as well. These girls are the best friends you could have, and I'm so lucky to have them. 

Finally, after the whole “Have a good first day, be nice to everyone, and listen to your teachers,” we get going. Of course I got stuck driving, but I honestly don’t really mind. We have at least a 20 minute ride to school, which isn’t that long since were trying to catch each other up on our summers.

Claire started us off by telling us she worked at the local SPCA as a volunteer and just took a yearly trip up to New York to visit her family. Tiffany talked about how she spent most of the summer with her boyfriend, Luke. If you ask me, Luke is a total douche, but I’d never say that to her. I never liked him but when your best friend is in love with him, you push your feelings aside and let them enjoy their relationship.

Then, I noticed their eyes on me.

Me: “Oh, sorry, totally zoned out. What were we talking about?”

I asked as if I had no idea what they were saying.

Claire: “Lara, we asked you what you did this summer.”

Me: “Well you know, just going up to San Francisco with my cousin, went on a cruise to the Bahamas, and went to a few The Wanted concerts.”


They both managed to get it out at the same time. We all had somehow managed to fall in love with the five boys from across the pond. Tiffany likes Max, Claire is way into Jay, and me? Well, I've always had a soft spot for Mr. Sykes. His awkward personal persona and Sexy God persona on stage just draws me to him.

When we reached the school, the smile quickly left my face and was replaced with a frown. I can't hide how much of a dislike I have for the school. It's not that it's a bad school, it's just that so much history is here; and not the good history, either.

You see, freshman year I met Josh Green. It was the typical first boyfriend relationship. I fell too hard and a little too fast. I literally had every 'first' with him, except for sex. I gave him my first kiss and he was my first love. Although, I don't know how real the love was between us.

We were that couple that every other couple wanted to be. Our families both got on great. I loved his sister. We got so close over the course of our three year relationship. Infact, I still talk to her occasionally.

Anyways, our 'perfect' relationship ended our Junior year.

One weekend, it just so happened that Josh's parents were out of town for a competition for Josh's sister. He decided to throw this huge party. There was a ton of alcohol present and I wasn't exactly fond of that. Everyone around me was getting drunk. At seventeen, alcohol wasn't exactly something I wanted to have in my life.

After about two hours, I got bored and decided to go find Josh to tell him I was leaving. I kept asking all of his buddies where we was until a close, mutual friend of ours, Drew, told me he was last seen going into his bedroom. I remember thanking him before going upstairs to Josh's room.

When I walked inside, my heart shattered. I caught him in bed with Ashley. She was well-known around the school for getting around. I should've figured that was gonna happen. Josh was hot and so was Ashley, it's hard to say no to hot people.

Long story short, we broke up that night. It was definitely a tough break up. Being so involved in eachother's lives for so long definitely didn't help the situation. But, I got over it and him. I also made a promise that I definitely intend to keep, and that's to stay single my senior year. Live up my final year of high school without drama and having someone attached to me.

As soon as I parked my car and got out, I spotted Josh and his football friends across the parking lot where all of the football players and cheerleaders park. Trying not to be spotted, the girls and I rushed from my car to our lockers. I had made sure this year that my locker wasn't near all of the cheerleaders. Where the cheerleaders were, the football players were. and I don't think I could handle seeing Josh everyday this year.

When we got all of our books and whatever else we needed, we headed to our classes. I shared my first four periods with Tiffany and Claire, which was nice. We had Physics, Calculus, Government, and Advanced English 12.

When the bell went off to signal lunch, Tiffany, Claire, and I rushed out to my car so we could beat the lunch rush out of here.

We decided on Jamba Juice for lunch. When we arrived there, each of us ordered and waited for our drinks. Once they were done, we headed back to my car and back to school.

The three of us had TA for fifth period and sixth period off. I spent all of my TA period on my Twitter. This is how it was last year, as well. I had the same TA class, which meant I'd be doing nothing all year except for scrolling on my phone.

When the bell went off at 1:53 for class to be over, I was the first one out the door. I made it to my locker before Tiffany and Claire, giving me a little bit of extra time to get my stuff organized. They soon came and got their stuff before we all went back to my car and headed back to our houses.

I dropped Tiff off first, then Claire before I drove myself home. As I pulled down my driveway toward the opening garage door, I noticed my fathers car parked inside. Why he's home, only he knows.

I parked my car and closed the garage door while walking into the kitchen through the door. Our two dogs, Tara and Duke, met me at the door with wagging tails and barking in excitement. I rubbed their heads and gave them some carrots before venturing up to my dad's office. I found him sat at his legal desk with his glasses on and typing away on his computer.

Me: “Dad, what are you doing home? I thought you were gonna be in the office today.”

Dad: “I decided to come home after lunch. I have something for you.”

I watched as he pulled out a big, white envelope and pass it to me. He adjusted in his seat and watched me as I opened the envelope and pulled out a piece of paper and three lanyards. I read the lanyards closely.

The Wanted VIP

I shrieked and ran over to my dad and hugged him.

Dad: “There's three there, I expect you'll be taking Claire and Tiffany?”

Me: “Of course, I have to go call them. Thank you so much, daddy!”

Dad: “Anything for you, princess.”

I ran out of the office and across the house to my room. I pulled out my phone and called Claire and Tiffany in a conference call. They both screamed into the phone when I told them.

Before hanging up, I gave them a forty-five minute warning. When the call ended, I quickly ran into my closet and searched for a cute outfit. When I got to my floral surfer dress, I quickly changed into it and slid into my white flats. I parted my hair and brushed through it a few times before grabbing my bag and phone and going back to the office.

I informed my father I was leaving, followed by giving him another hug and thanking him again. I yelled goodbye as I ran out of the house and to my car.

On the way to Tiffany and Claire's, I'm sure I was doing at least ten over the speed limit. Not that it matters, though. California police are almost non-existent.

Once the girls were in the car, we headed off toward LA where the show would be taking place. While I drove down the interstate, Tiffany programmed my GPS to Anaheim and Claire got The Wanted playing on the radio.


The drive to the venue in Anaheim was nice. When we got to the parking garage, I got lucky and was able to snag the Compact spot as soon as you pulled in. The three of us got out of the car, checked ourselves one last time, and headed to the venue to begin the best night of our lives.

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