1. Shopping.

It was winter, I had just been on a shopping trip with my friend John. I'd got myself a new gym bag, a couple of CD's that i'd been after for ages, and a can of Lynx, (It was my newest obsession.)

I sat down on the cold metal chairs next to a little coffee stall that stood in the center of town, right next to the biggest shopping parade. I sat there blowing my cup of tea, in hope it would cool it down quicker, even though it was doing a great job at keeping my hands warm.

I sat there smoking my cigarette, I knew smoking was bad, but i'd done it to fit in with friends and got hooked after about a year, I was only 15 now but i didn't see it causing me any harm, i thought if i just smoked and didn't think about it till the damage was done and regret it then.

I was meeting another friend soon, as i didn't want to go home but John needed to go see to his own business, It wasn't long before Nick was sat down next to me, i finished my drink, and cigarette then asked if there was anywhere we could go to keep warm, or if he needed to do anything, he just sat there staring at his phone, going through his contacts.

He mentioned someone i'd never met before, a few of my other friends were round at this guys flat, It wasn't long till Nick got a reply and he was leading me down the middle of town to his friends flat. 

When we got there it was daunting, I looked up at the flights of stairs and slowly started to climb them, it wasn't long till we reached the door. Nick knocked and we were let in by a familiar face, my school mate Chantelle, i knew a couple of others too, Dave (Nick's older brother) and Ryan. 

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