One in a million

After a big breakup emily looks for a new start in London. The home of her favourite YouTubers dan and phil. But will it all run smoothly.


1. A new start

Emily's pov 'Oh my god! I still can't believe your going to live in London. The home of Dan and Phil.' yelled Lauren even though she was just in front if me.


I may have to tell you what happened that lead up to this. I just got out of a serious relationship with my last boyfriend Carl. He was great and all but we were into different things which lead to both of us arguing over the littlest of problems. When we got out of our relationship I was so upset and I didn't want to be anywhere near him. That week I got a call from my friend who lives in London. Apparently she was moving and she wanted to know if I wanted her old apartment. This was my chance to escape! Soon enough I had convinced my parents to let me go and I had packed my bags. That's what lead me up to the day before I moved and when Lauren was still so exited for me.

(current day)

'I know I can't believe it too. Just one more day and I will be in my new home in London.' I said calmly even though I was jumping up and down inside.

'I bet you're going to meet dan and phil on your first day or something!' Lauren yelled a bit more calmly then the first.

'I have a one in a million chance of ever meeting one of them, never mind both.' I replied correcting her. We chatted for the next two hours until I checked my phone. It was 10:25 and Lauren had to be home by 10:30. We quickly said goodbye for the final time before I went to London. After she left I went straight to bed as we were leaving early tomorrow. We had already loaded the moving van that my dad owned so we were able to set off straight away. I spent at least two and half hours saying goodbye to my mum, my sister Kate, my brother Peter and my cousin michel who was staying over. The next few hours with my dad was a mixture of awkwardness and sadness. We barley said a word after the first hour. There is only so much you can say to a person you won't see for months maybe even a year. I couldn't stop thinking about what Lauren had said. What happens if I do get to meet Dan and Phil? But then I realised, I only have a one in a million chance of even seeing them.

When we reached my new home. A apartment on the ground flour of a building. We unloaded every thing from the van into the apartment. By the end of it my new home looked more homy. It was getting late so my dad spent the night and left the next morning.

I was alone! I wasn't going to be that person who when she has a place to herself, does stupid things. I decided to just relax and watch some tv. I found the avengers assemble on sky movies and put it on. After the first couple of hours I began to get hungry. I knew I had to get some food as my cupboards were empty. I turned off the tv, put on a coat, got my purse and grabbed my iPhone so I could listen to music and headed off to the supermarket. When I got outside I put in my earphones and started to listen to some muse.

After ten minuets I was crossing a road and I saw him. It was philip Lester! He waved at my and I waved back. But then his eyes got really wide and he was reaching out. At first I thought it was because he saw one of his friends but then it hit me.

Literally, I was hit by a car! 

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