he walks.

My first short story. I hope you get the message.


1. he walks

He walked. Silently. He didn't know where we was going, or what time it was. He didn't even know where he was. He had been walking for a couple of hours now, his phone was constantly buzzing because of all the calls he was getting from his "worried" parents,  but he knew they were calling to shout at him, they took any and every opportunity they had, all they seem to want is a reason to shout at him. eventually he turned off his phone, not caring anymore. It was cold, bitter and the moon pierced down through his thin clothes. But he did not have that many clothes, in fact he was wearing all the clothes he owned. A flimsy pair of rugged shoes, which were torn and ripped to prices, a pair or baggy jeans, too old and scruffy for anyone to wear. His T-shirt was baggy, and was way to big four him, but that didnt bother him that much. His jumper was so old it looked like it had be eroded away by all the rain and wind that had fought it. His parents did not care enough to take him shopping for new clothes. He also carried a bag - his bag, which contained everything he owned, but as you can already tell, that was not much, his bag contained a photo, of his beautiful girlfriend. He also had his wallet in his bag. But he had no money, because his parents did not care enough to give him as much as a penny. He dragged his feet, making the rocks underfoot grind together, creating  a crunching noise. He looked down at his feet, he had been gone for an hour, this was the longest he had been gone, but he was reassured because he knew his parents did not care enough to worry, or go searching for him. He looked at the tracks his feet were following, searching, looking for a way out.the distant noise reassured him it was near. He kept walking, round a sudden bend, he was waiting for the inevitable, all of as sudden 2 bright lights appeared in front of his face, the wind rushed past him. Then there was nothing. Because he was finally free again

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