That Trip

One trip to London England could change one 17 year olds life forever. What happens when she meets five new friends and they introduce her to the best summer of her life.


5. Your Mine

Ashley's POV

I wake up in Harry's guest room but I have no remembrance of getting there. It's then that I remember Harry and I have a date tonight. A huge smile falls on my face as I get up and go in the bathroom to take a shower. I turn on the faucet and let the hot water pour down my body. I wash my hair and body before I make sure there is no stubble on my legs by running the razor over them and my under arms gently. I get out of the shower and put in my contacts and wash my face. I decide on just a pair of jean shorts and a tank top as we were just planning on hanging around his flat until tonight.

I walk down the stairs to find Harry in the kitchen cooking eggs and bacon. He doesn't see me as I walk up behind him and put my arms around his waist.

"How'd I end up in bed last night? I thought I feel a sleep on the couch."

He lets out a low chuckle as he continues to cook. "You did so when the movie finished I carried you to your room."

"Oh well then thank you." I let go of his waist and I go to the fridge and pull out apple juice and two cups from the cabinet.

Harry sets down the food and we begin to dig in.

"Hey the guys wanted to come over today is that ok?" He asks between mouthfuls.

"That sounds great! Do they know about our date tonight?"

I can see a smile spread on his face as I mention the date. "No not yet I was guessing they were just going to hang out here all day and then once we get back from our date they'd still be here so we can hang out some more if that's ok?"

"That sounds perfect!"

We both finish eating and I help him with the dishes even though he insisted on him doing it himself. After about ten minutes we hear a knock on the door and 4 boys come inside.

We say our hellos and all sit on the couch to get comfy.

"So guys Ashley and I have a date tonight so you can just stay here until we get back." Harry says nonchalantly and all their heads shoot up as their eyes go in between us. 

"Wow way to go Harry!" Louis shoves his arm and all the boys laugh.


It's 7 o'clock and Harry and I are just finishing getting ready. He told me to wear something fancier so I chose a black one shoulder tight fitting dress with black heels. I'm looking myself over in the mirror when I hear a knock on the door.

Niall pops his head in. "Hey Harry wanted me to ask if you are almost ready?"

"Yes but can you zip me up?" I ask as I turn around exposing my open back.

Niall nods his head and I see him through the mirror getting closer. He pushes my hair to one side and I feel his fingers on the back of my neck. The zipper goes up with ease and he pulls my hair back into place so it falls off my shoulders.

"Thanks." I mumble as he takes a step back and coughs awkwardly.

I grab my purse and I'm about to walk out the door when Niall stops me.

"You look amazing." Niall says as he looks straight in my eyes.

"Thanks." I give him the best smile I can come up with and walk down the stairs.


Harry and I have just gotten to the Italian restaurant and already their are people with cameras all over us. Some are screaming Harry's name, others are asking who I am, and all of them are asking if I'm his girlfriend. Harry just ignores me and keeps his hand intertwined with mine. When we are seated Harry pulls out my chair and orders a bottle of wine for us which again not a huge fan. Everything is in Italian so I just let Harry order for me.

When the food comes out it looks delicious. Harry ordered a pasta dish with a creamy white sauce for the both of us. Hopefully I can keep it off my clothes.


When we are finished eating Harry takes me back to the car but before we go inside he stops me. He then leans in and places his lips to mine in by far the most passionate kiss I have ever had. I can hear all the cameras go off around us but I don't even care right now.

When he pulls away he whispers in my ear "there now everyone will know your mine."

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