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We live in an information society. You can easily find people everywhere and seeing how their lives are. You share images on tumblr. on instagram and you write nice comments on Twitter and Facebook. What happens if you get a stalker following you online? A guy who wants to own you? He has an eye on every detail of your life and you have no control over who he is. You just know that he exists somewhere in the world.


7. My house

"Minnie!" cried my mom from downstairs. I left my room. 
She came up the stairs, holding a bouquet of red roses in her hand. 
"This came via a flower delivery for you." 
I received the roses and opened the envelope. 
"To my beloved Minnie!" stood there and I was surprised. "Did he say who it came from?" 
Mom laughed a little bit and shook her head. 
"You have admirers everywhere?" 
I was cold all over and realized who they came from. 
"Niall?" I got out of me and my mom stopped. 
I swallowed and looked coldly at her. 
"It's from Niall, the guy on the net and now he knows where I live!"


Facebook (Niall): 
"When love comes across a guy, he do anything for her." 
Twitter (NIALL): 
"Love comes, love goes, but you will I have some day, my dear ..." 
Tumblr (Niall) with an image of roses: 
"I love you more than anything and one day you're mine." 
Instagram (Niall) a picture of a loving couple: 
"One day, this is me and her. I love you!"


Facebook: I wrote a letter to him. 
"I have copied everything you have write to me. I have proof that you send roses to me. I telling the police to register you and make sure you leave me in peace." 
"You can't do anything! Who says that it's I who sends roses to you?" 
I was angry. 
"I say, because I don't have a secret admirer." 
"Well me ...." 
He didn't give up. 
"One day Minnie, we will share everything with each other and then the roses is our a symbol of the day when you realized that I'm perfect for you."


The policeman looked at me. 
"But he didn't hurt you?" 
I just wanted to scream and submitted all the papers from the net in front of him. 
"He writes that he wants me and he ..." 
The man in front of me smiled slightly askew. 
"I can't help you. He's just a fan and he will not hurt you? On the web he's got the freedom to write what he feels and he doesn't bully you." 
I was angry and I was boiling with anger. 
"I'm afraid of him!" 
The man smiled reassuring. 
"It will pass over. He's just a regular guy and he writes just things to you. Don't reply to his messages."

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