Can You Save Me From the Mean Girls (Demi Lovato&Louis Tomlinson Fanfic)

Demi Lovato was best friends with Ariana Grande,Selena Gomez, Miley Cyrus, and Taylor Swift. When they went to high school her friends became popular and bullied her. But she never told anyone about her family and what they did to her she only told Lea Michele her best friend who moved away to follow her dream. But when she meet the guy she likes Louis Tomlinson. Will he save her from her family and the bullies?
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2. Chapter 2

Chapter 2

Louis P.O.V.

I'm going to fucking kill Harry. I ran into the lunch room and I go to Harry. "You son of a bitch girlfriend needs to stop fucking bulling people!" Harry looks at me in shock. "Woah! You don't talk about my girlfriend like that!" I roll my eyes. "I can say whatever I want! It's fucking called freedom of speech." I pushed him and I start punching him. He starts throwing punches to me and same teachers break us. "Harry and Louis in principal office now!" The teacher yells at us and we go. Mrs. Grande says "Who started this?" Harry points at me. "He comes into the lunch room talking crap about my girlfriend." I roll my eyes. "Well if his girlfriend and her friends don't bully anyone then I would of never started this fight." She looks at us. "Well is that true Harry?" Harry smirks. "No, it's not true my girlfriend would never bully anyone. She so sweet and you know that your daughter would never bully anyone." My mouth was wide open. I never knew the principal was Ariana mother! Oh no. Ugh why does Harry have to do this?! "Louis Tomlinson you are in so much trouble! You don't talk crap about my daugther! You have OSS for 5 days." I sigh and waited for my mom to come pick me up. I will explain everything to her she always listens to me.

Demi P.O.V.

Why did he just fight with his best friend like that. I look into my locker and I see what day it is and it Ariana turn to bully me. I sigh and I walk out of the school. I started walking home until I see Ariana clique. Holy shit. "Hey fat ass! what the hell is wrong of you to make Louis beat up my boyfriend. You deserve to die and get hurt really bad." She gets he softball bat and starts hitting me with it. I startt crying she never hit me. After I saw a lot of blood I fell to the floor and so blur. I see the girls running away and everything blacks out.

Louis P.O.V

Mum you have to believe me! Why don't believe me on thi-" I stop talking and I see a girl body. "MUM STOP THE DAMN CAR NOW!" i yelled and we made a short stop. "Louis Willam Tomlinson you can never do that! I can get into a car-" I block out everything one my said and I see Demi. I run out of the car. "LOUIS GET BACK HERE YOUNG MAN!" She yells. I go to Demi and I start to cry. Who would do this?! I pick her up and go into the back. "MUM DRIVE THE HELL HIM NOW!" she starts rusing to the house. I look at Demi If Ariana do this to her I swear I'm done. She never deserve this. I look how busied her arms and her legs were. When I was looking at her arms I saw cuts on her wrist. My mom puts into the driveway. "We need to get her to a hospital Louis!" She tells me."No! Mum no. Your a nurse you know what to do. Help her okay! If only you listened to me in the car. You would know why this girl is like this!" I run up to my room tearing.

I stare at Demi while she on my bed sleeping. I wish she had a good life.. I go to my computer and I have a message from Liam.

(bold is liam)

Hey, How are you today Louis?

I had the wrost day ever... How was yours? I hope it was better then mine.. :(

My day went pretty well the boys weren't bulling me today.. It was werid and why didn't you have a good day Lou?

Well this girl bumped into me today and she thought I was going to hurt her. I asked why would she think that. She said all the popular kids bully me. You know I'm popular and I don't bully anyone. I would never hurt anyone either. Also, I saw her at her locker so I went to her and I asked who bullied her. She told me. Remember the girls I talked to you about? Ariana, Selena, Miley and Taylor?

Yeah. I do rememeber them and I can't believe they bullied that poor girl....

Yeah I know. The story gets worst. I go into the lunch room and started fighting with Harry about his girlfriend. Then we had to go to the princical office and I FOUND OUT ARIANA GRANDE MOTHER IS THE PRINCIAL! So harry lied about what happen and I got OSS for 5 days.

Wow... He is so asshole.

I KNow what you mean. So the story gets much WORST! My mum picks me up and starts yelling at me. While I was yelling back at her I saw Demi body laying on the sidewalk with blood around her! 


Now she is my mum clean her up and put banges on her. You know when I was looking at her while I was driving to my house. She cuts herself.... Some of the cuts are bad.. :( 

Aww... I got bullied so much and I never cut myself. I would of never so that I know I'm worth it int the world..

Yeah I know Liam. But you know when I saw this girl like this I felt so hurt.. 

Louis You need to rest. You need to stop thinking and get something to eat. I will talk to you later okay. You need rest.

Okay bye Liam. Love you and thanks for the help. Yes I do need to rest I had a stressful day.

I get off the computer and I see Demi starts to move. She starts to wake up. "Oh my gosh! Where am I?! Am I getting kiddnapped again?!" KIDDNAPPED AGAIN?! "No! your not kidnapped. You got hurt badly so I brought you to my house and my mum cleaned you up also put banges on you," She looks at me scared. Why is she so scared? I'm not going to do anything bad to her....

Demi P.O.V.

I rememeber everything that happened before. I can't talk to Louis even if I really like him. He wouldn't understand what I have been throught. I only trust Lea I wish she came back home. I wish she never left me here but she had to move to the U.S to follow her dream. "I need to go home." Helpp me Louis I don't want to go there. "Can I talk to you? Please don't leave.." he said. He looks so concern with me. But why? I'm ugly and not worth it. He should not worry about me and my horrible life story. "Why do you care? Why do you wanna talk?" I asked him. “I want to talk because I want to help you. I want you to be happy and when you bumped into me today. You told me everyone hates you and bullies you, well I don’t.” He said to me. I can’t believe he wants to talk to me and help. I thought he was one of those popular people that will hurt me. “Can you tell are you okay? I don’t want any of those people to hurt you. Here my number.” He gives it to me. “I want you to text me or call me when someone bothers you. Okay?” I nodded. But I don’t want to go home. There are a lot of problems there and I hate my mom and dad. They don’t care about me they only care about Marvin and Lilly. When my mom had me when she was 16 and she said I ruined her life. Also, that I was not worth giving birth too. She only loves her son and her other daughter. My whole family hates me let’s just say.  “I hate to ask but can I say for the night? My mom and dad are out of town with my sister and brother. I don’t want to be home alone, can I stay tonight? You don’t have to say yes.” I lied to him. “Sure you can stay.” He said with a smile.  “Thank you.” I half smiled. Louis was getting a bunch of messages. I guess from his friends but I don’t understand why he is not going by his computer. He is just sitting on his bed staring at me. I’m not beautiful. “Louis?” He looks up from his bed. “Yes?” I look at him. “You know your computer is beeping?” He gets up from his bed and turns off his computer. “Yeah, I don’t care I have company over.  Why would I be on computer? It will be really rude. I hate all the friends I have they are always on the damn phone.” He said annoyed. I would have been annoyed to if my friends did that. “Yes it is rude I wouldn’t want my friends doing that to me. I would throw their phone.” I look down. “My friend Lea would never do that. She would do the same thing you did with your computer just now. She had a lot more friends than me. I only had her and she left to go back to America to follow her dream. I understand she wanted to do that I just want someone to talk to everyday and not once or twice a week. I really miss her though, and I’m really proud of her for following her dream.” I started tearing. “You know you have me now. I want you to trust me and tell want happens. I will wait for the big problems you have. Take your time I don’t want you feel uncomfortable.” He is so sweet I can’t believe I thought wrong of him. I thought he was one of the popular kids that will bully you. “Thanks. I’m not really good at trusting people lately. But I will try for you. I just need a little more time to tell you things what I told Lea.” I told him. “I understand you don’t have to rush.” I smiled at him. I just realize I haven’t smiled ever since I hanged out with Lea.

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