Can You Save Me From the Mean Girls (Demi Lovato&Louis Tomlinson Fanfic)

Demi Lovato was best friends with Ariana Grande,Selena Gomez, Miley Cyrus, and Taylor Swift. When they went to high school her friends became popular and bullied her. But she never told anyone about her family and what they did to her she only told Lea Michele her best friend who moved away to follow her dream. But when she meet the guy she likes Louis Tomlinson. Will he save her from her family and the bullies?
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1. Chapter 1

 Chapter 1

Demi P.O.V.

Sometimes I hate being the unpopular girl in school.  I really like this boy he is really popular and he is on the football team.  He doesn't even know me or knowledge me.  I have him in 3 classes gym, lunch, and soial studies. Why does life have to be hard for me and why can't I be one of those perfect girls. Like Ariana Grande, Selana Gomez, Taylor Swift and Miley Cyrus they are the prettiest and most popular girls in this school.  They always bully me thats why I have no friends.  At least I have one person her name Lea Michele she been there for me my whole life.  I'm happy that she didn't leave me to become popular like those other girls.  When the bell rings I lost my train of thought and I just realize I'm late for class. I run down the hall way and I bump into someone. "I'm so sorry I didn't mean to bump into you.  Please don't hurt me I was just late for class and I ran cause I am never late. Holy crap I'm 5 minutes late!" I said to the person I bumped into. "It's all right calm down and why would I hurt you?" I heard this voice from somewhere so I looked up and saw it was Louis. I try not to freak out. "Uh..Well you know why.. A lot of people always wanna hurt me." I look down trying not to tear. "Oh my god why would someone hurt a beautiful girl like you?!" He asked. Did he just call me be beautiful? Demi calm the hell down! "Well I'm not popular and everyone thinks I'm a nerd. They also think I'm ugly and fat." 

Louis P.O.V.

Am I serouisly hearing this? This girl is so damn beautiful and all the popular girl been bulling her. I swear if that bitch Ariana did this to her I will seriously yell at Harry.  "Who was calling you that?" I asked. "Why would you care?! You are one of the popular kids! I'm really late for class I'm leaving." She said and picked up her bags and ran away. What did I just do? I was going to help her.. I think she thinks all popular kids are mean. Well she been bullied by them. I walk to my soial studies class and I see Mrs. Lee yelling at the girl that bumped into me. "Ms. Lovato you are 20 minutes late and you don't have a pass! You are getting a detetion I never expected this from you Demi." She look so scared and about to cry that she was getting a detetion. "Mrs. Lee I'm the reason she late. I wanted to copy her hw from last night I didn't do but she wouldn't give it to me. So I made her late." Demi looks at me and then at the teacher. "Louis you almost made me give a girl that does her work and listens a detetion. Your getting 2 detetion Louis! I'm so sorry Demi you may take a seat." she said. Selena looks at Demi and gives her a nasty look. There is on that bully hers I need to find more. "Hey Selena." I said. "Louis what were you really doing with that thing? If any of the other people find out about this they will kick you off the football team. Don't hang with her or you will never play football." I really love play football. I will sercertly hang out with her. "Okay and also I didn't do anything to her and I don't even know her. I just felt bad for her." Selena rolles her eyes. "Never feel bad for that girl. Trust me I used to be friends with her she a bitch." she tells me. Look who talking.

I walk into the lunch room and I see Demi siting alone, I wish I can sit with her. I go to my friends. Harry starts talking to me. "Ariana is so good in bed I just wanna fuck her all the time." I shake my head. All my friends just talk about how hot there girls are and talk about sex. I really need knew friends. At least Liam is not like Zayn, Niall, and Harry. I need to talk to him when I get home. Oh Liam goes to another school I met him online. I wish he went to my school he so nice and fun to talk to. He not like my friends that I have here. He goes to an all boy school he gets bullied. I hate that he does he such a sweet guy. I hate when people get bullied like Demi and Liam. I sigh. I look up to see Demi leaving the room I think she going to her locker. I get up and grab a pass and started following her she goes to her locker. I just stayed back so she doesn't know I'm was following her. I walk around the corner and I say "Hey Demi." I smiled. 

Demi P.O.V.

I look to my side to see Louis. "Uh, Hi?" I queationed. "I know your wondering 'Why are you talking to me again? I thought that was a one time thing." he said. "That's true but why are you talking to me?" He looks down and back up at me. "I don't like that you get bullied.. Trust me I have a friend that goes to an all boy school and he gets bullied all the time. I hate the things he tells me when he gets bullied. I so bad for him and I sometimes cry." he tells me. "Can you tell me who bullies you?" I look down. "Selena, Taylor, Miley and Ariana. Ariana is the wrost she makes me cry a lot." I will never tell him what these girls make me do. But most Ariana she makes me cut the wrost. When it's Ariana day to bully me I cut so deep. Louis says something under his breath. He walks away madly. I think he going to do something.

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