The Caliente Affairs - Christmas Eve

The final part of Volume One. On Christmas Eve, the strain begins to show on relationships in Pleasantview. Dina Caliente finds herself still stuck on past mistakes; tempers flare between Don Lothario and Nina Caliente; Alexander Goth visits his sister and feels out of place. Angela Pleasant faces the reality that she cannot have both Dustin Broke and her dream of travelling the world. And by the end of the day, only one of these relationships will survive...


6. Truth

Dina smiled and waved goodbye to Mortimer. Typically, he had left it until the very last day to buy Christmas presents. But Dina understood that he may have previously wondered if he was wasting money buying Dina a present. Luckily though, that wasn’t the case now. Together, they were going to have a baby, and to Dina, that was all that mattered - that Mortimer was going to be the father of her baby. Even if the reality of the situation was that he mightn’t be. Alex, her step-son, caught her attention as she went back inside the house. She noticed he was looking at her strangely. Sitting down on the living room sofa next to him, it wasn’t long before he cleared his throat and asked, “So, you and my dad. Are you like, getting divorced?”
“Why do you think that?” Dina laughed.
“Well, that’s basically what my dad said to me.” Alex replied.
“Your dad said that me and him were getting a divorce?” Dina asked.
“Well, not in those exact words. He just told me that he’d come to realise you both wanted different things out of the relationship and that it wasn’t going to work.” Dina sighed, as she began to realise just how close she came to losing everything. I mean, having an affair, what was I thinking, she asked herself. It seemed that when they were apart, Dina felt ashamed and confused about the things she had done with Ed. But when they were together, her doubts seemed to disappear and he made her feel like a completely different person. With Ed, she didn’t have to worry about constantly looking attractive or saying the right things. But with Mortimer, she always felt like she had something to prove. Whether it was to his daughter, or to Don, it seemed everyone was waiting for her to make a mistake.
“We just had an argument, that’s all. Trust me Alex, we are not getting a divorce. But I do have some news to tell you.” Dina started. “I’m pregnant.” She smiled, throwing up her hands as if to surprise Alex even more. But Dina saw from the look on his face that that wasn’t needed.
“Whoa!” Alex said slowly. A baby sibling had been the furthest thought from his mind just a few seconds ago. But to his own astonishment, he smiled and congratulated Dina. “Does my dad know?” He asked.
“He does now, I guess when he spoke to you it was before I told him.” Dina cleared things up.
“That’s lucky.” Alex remarked.
“How so?”
“Well, I got the impression from my dad that it was definitely over between you two. It’s lucky you got pregnant now otherwise it might have been the end of your relationship.” Dina laughed nervously. If only Alex knew how true he was, she thought. That even though she had known about her pregnancy for months, she had chosen today to tell Mortimer because of what he had written in his will. Her only worry now was the same worry that had stopped her from telling everyone she was pregnant in the first place - that her baby wasn’t Mortimer’s. Nina knew the truth about her affair, but she thought Dina had gone through with the abortion. Making up with Nina was going to be difficult. She wasn’t even sure if she could explain what had happened that day to herself. There were so many lies, Dina thought to herself, how could she bring up a child and teach it about honesty when she herself was being so dishonest. She couldn’t stand it anymore, she had to know the truth. Was the father of her baby Mortimer, or Ed?

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