''The missing part''

It is a story about a boy having an imaginary friend


1. finished

      The little Jordan is living with his daddy in a house meant for a big and happy family that enjoys every single moment being together.

   But that was not Jordan's case. He lost his mom in a car accident when he was four and since then he wasn't the same any more.

  By the time of the accident Jordan became witness of the horrible event because it occured very near his house.

 That day, two years ago, the little Jordan was looking through the window wondering when his mom will return from the groceries. He saw her on the verge of crossing the street but at that second a car crashed into her. The last thing the boy was remembering was the look of his mom's body lying in the middle of the road.

  The first several months Jordan had nightmares through the night and through the day he couldn't concentrate.

  Meanwhile his father re-married but that made the boy even sadder than before.

 One day Jordan went to his room with a garbage bag and put all his toys in it and threw the bag in the trash. He even got rid of his favourite bear Po.

Everything in his room reminded him of his mom and he thought if he threw all the stuff his mother gave or buy him , he will reduce the pain  but.....nothing really was helping him to feel a little at ease.

  So Jordan decided to find a friend. A new one. But not from flesh and blood. In real life he hadn't much friends. His classmates labelled him as a ''wierdo'' without even knowing why the little boy was always so timid and coy and non-talkative. Sometimes kids in first grade can be really cruel.

 Every night Jordan, before closing his eyes to sleep was talking to Daisy. That was the name of his imaginary friend. Just like the name of his mother.

-Do you know which star is my mommy?

-I want to find her in the sky!

-You know, you look a lot like my mommy. She had the same white blouse like this on you.

 Daisy was polite and listened very carefully what the boy was telling her.

 These before bed conversations lasted very long period of time before one night while passing near Jordan's room, his father heard speech:

-Who are you talking to, son?

-Can't you see, daddy? Daisy is here.

-Tell me, isn't she beautiful just like mommy?

 The father went to his son, hugged him and started silently to cry.

-There is no one here. Daisy is gone.

-No, dad. She is here!

-No, son.She will never be here but she will always remain in your heart. There you can find her.

After that Jordan never saw or spoke to Daisy again but he knew he can count always on her and be protected by her in difficult moments.

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