I Thought You Were Mine

Sequel to Do You Love Me Draco it's Ginny's third year at Hogwarts and Draco's fourth and in the Triwizard Tornement Ginny kind of has a thing for Harry. Draco isn't happy so he puts Harry's name in the cup in order to get him killed.


1. Return to Hogwarts

Ginny's P.O.V

"Draco!" I shouted when I saw his family with a trolley. "Ginny." He said picking me up and spinning me around. "Missed you." I said. "Missed you more." He said. He was going towards the wall when I went in front of him. "Ladies first." I said "Men just before." Harry said as he and Ron passed us. I was happy now that Harry, Ron and Draco were friends. It just made everything easier now they didn't want to kill each other all the time. "Lets go already." I said pushing past them and I went into the wall. "Ok we'll go." Ron said after I went in. "Ginny found a compartment." Draco shouted moving his stuff into a compartment. "Ok I'm coming." I said pulling my stuff behind me. "Ron Harry." I called them. "You yelled." Harry said. "Very funny Harry but not funny." I said. "Holidays have been soooo boring as in like soooo boring." Draco said. "How do you even live in the holidays Draco. With parents like yours I'm sure they'd eat you alive." Ron said accidentally throwing his liqorice wand at Harry. "Sorry Harry." He said picking up his wand. "Look. In the Summer Fred showed me a spell. To turn your hair pink." Ron said. "Ron it doesn't work for you, but when Fred and George use it on mum it is so funny. Her face turns pink like her hair. And the same bright shade to!" I said. We were almost there when a cloud of black shooting through the air and into the compartment we were in. "Death Eaters run." A prefect shouted running down the corridor. The Death Eater that was in our compartment grabbed hold of me and said to Harry. "One more move and your girlfriend dies." "Girlfriend. As if I'd ever go out with her." Harry said. "Yeah as if he'd ever be my boyfriend." I said. "Stupefy." Draco said sending the Death Eater out of the train and he let go of me when he went out the window. "Draco thank you." I said hugging him. "Not so fast." Another two Death Eaters had come in and pulled us apart. "Let me go." I said standing on his foot. "Taratengulla." I said and the Death Eater that was holding Draco let him go and started dancing.

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