a new strat (punk niall)

hi my names Molly McDaniel I just moved to a new school because my parents wanted me to try and get away from my troubled past....... but what happens when she meets someone who brings back her old habits


1. 1

   Hi there my name is Molly Marie McDaniel and tomorrow is my first day at a new school in a new city. Ugh, shoot me now. I really don't want to be but it wasn't my choice. But since I'm here I may as well tell you a little about myself. I have naturally straight bleach blond hair, and big brown eyes. I'm fairly short, I'm 5'4. Well I bet your all wondering why I'm here. Well long story short, I got into some pretty deep shit and my parents decided they wanted to take me somewhere "better". So they decided to move to London, England all the way from Taylor Mill, Kentucky But at least I'm not alone in my misery. I have two brothers, Cater and Kyle. We happen to be triplets. But enough about my past lets get back to the present.



                           (later that night) molly's pov.


      "But mom I didn't want to come here!" I screamed from my new room. "I know hunny, but it was for your own good to get away from those people." she says while carrying boxes into my room. "Its not like I was that bad." "really you were arrested 6 times in 3 months." she said while giving me that nastiest look. "now go to bed you start school in the morning." "ugh do I have to its a Friday" "yes now go to bed." I really hate her fist she moves me to  completely different country away from my friends thinking she can control my life then she makes my first day back to school a Friday like what the hell.




                     (the next morning)


   "Molly get your ass out of bed or we are going to be late for our first day of school" "God Carter just let me sleep" "no mom said you have 10 mins to get up or she will make you go to school looking like that" "you people are annoying get out of my room to I an get ready" I got out of my bed and hoped in the shower really quick, got out brushed my hair and let it hang naturally. I put on a cute skater skirt and a stripped cropped top. did my usual makeup routine and walked down stairs and to my car where Kyle and Cater were already waiting. "are you ready to go sis." Kyle id rather be asleep." "well then lets go" "ya go to hell"



              Niall's pov


 I was sitting with the guys around our cars smoking a cig, dreading the rest of the day. "so Niall are you coming to my party tonight, my parents are gone for a week so its time to turn up." "Harry you know I wouldn't miss it." "good cause its...... whoa who's the hot chick?" I turned around only to face a girl who looks like she would be good in bed. I don't know but id defiantly tap that." "Niall I think everyone would I mean look at that ass" "Liam your right but I wan to be the first one to get her here." "ok well ill see you guys at lunch" I really didn't pay attention to what they said while they left all I could think about is who this new girl is....    





    Authors note:

 thank you for reading my first chapter and there are many more to come but if you think something could be better please tell me thanks much love

                                                 Caitin :)

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