The Little Girls

Cindy lived with her abusive drunken dad and druggy mother. The teachers noticed her bruises. Cindy lived to protect her baby sister, Lisabell. Cindy is barely 14 and Lisable 4. One direction was their favorite band. Until One direction became their protectors.


1. Don't Be Scared

I rushed home from school. Hoping that they didn't touch Lisable. Well mother wouldn't because she'd be too stoned to get up. Father was most likely still out drinking. I slid the key into the lock and pushed with all my might to open the door. I heard Lisabell crying from the other side. I threw my whole body into the door trying to make it budge. "Lisabell! Opened the door for Sissy!" I repeatedly hit the door over and over. "Sissy!" She started to cry. Her sobs pained me even from out here. Finally the door popped open and my mother pulled me in. "About fucking time you get home!" She yelled as I walked past her. I ignored her and gathered Lisabell into my arms, kissing her forehead I began rocking her back and forth. "Cool dinner and quit babying her!" My mother crossed her arms over her chest. I ignored her once again and went to my room with Lisabell still in my arms. I locked my door and turned on my one direction music. "Hungry?" I asked her as I sat down. She nodded moving her hair out of her face. I smiled at her cuteness and pulled up a floor board which held all of our food that I kept hidden. "Ham sandwhich?" I asked as I pulled up the bread and ham. "And chips!" She said with a great big smile planted on her face. I nodded and made her food with a side of chips. She ate it like she has never had food before. I glanced at the calendar. Nineteen more days until I turn 15. "STOP DOING DRUGS!" I heard my father shout as he entered the house. "THAN YOU STOP DRINKING!" My mother yelled back. She earned a slap from my father. "Hide Lisabell." I whispered as she finished her food. She gave me a quick nod and hid behind out couch that we slept on. She was out of sight and that's all I worry about for now. I pretended to do my homework as my father searched the house looking for me. "Cindy!" He shouted as he realized my door was locked. I took a sharp breath in and told him to go away. That made him even angrier. "Open it now you little bitch!" He nearly kicked down the door and i still want a door. So I got up and unlocked it. He rushed in, hands in balls of fists. He punched me on my right side of my face. I flew to the ground in cause of the impact. I felt faint from the punch and I couldn't see straight. "Open the door when I tell you to!" He grabbed me by and my hair and shouted into my face. I looked him straight in the eyes without looking away. "Where's Lisabell?" He asked as he stood up still holding me by the hair. I didn't reply. He smashed my face into the nearest wall. "Tell me." He growled through clenched teeth. "I-I don't know." I hesitated. He gave me a disgusted face and threw me to the floor. My head snapped up from the impact of me hitting the floor. "Be more respectful!" He yelled and slammed my bedroom door shut. I rushed to lock it and move my bookcase into front of it. My bookcase was full so it was hard to move. "Lisabell you can come out now." I said as I quickly wiped away blood. My Four year old sister ran into my arms crying. "Don't be scared. I love you and that's all that matters. You're gonna be okay." I ran my hand through her hair calming her down. I didn't even shed one tear In front of her. I have to be strong to keep her safe.

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