When 15 year old, Hayley Ablestorm, finds out she has a brain tumour and has only 11 months left to live, she decides that there's so many things she hasn't done yet and is determined to accomplish them.


5. Chapter 5

"That would look so cute on you!" A girl with dark brown curls and a name tag that reads, Amber, says, checking out the sweat shirt I'm holding up. It's black with white writing that says, OBEY across the front. Amber's deep green eyes glisten inn the lighting. She looks like someone I would associate with.

"Thanks but..." I say back. "It's boring" I put it down.

"Oh I totally agree" her smile is big, revealing a row of perfectly straight white teeth. "But it's still cute" she walks away smiling. She seems as though she thinks she's accomplished something.

I at one last look at the shirt. Maybe she did accomplish something.

I walk to the back of the store. No body's here. I made sure to bring my moms big purse so I could steal bigger items. This shirt, being an example.

I quickly rip off the tag and shove it in the purse. When I close the purse and walk around like nothing happened, I begin to feel good about it. That was fun. I feel really, really great about that.

I suppose I could maybe do that again. What if I get caught though? I chuckle out loud to the thought of me getting caught.

I browse the store some more. I decide to slip a necklace, some panties, and a little bit of nail polish in the purse.

As I leave, my body tenses. I forgot about that stupid security system they have. What if I beep when I go through the door? I chuckle a little again.

I hold my head up and walk with confidence. And then I beep. Shit.

Amber comes skipping up to me.

"I'm going to have to check your bag miss" she smiles.

"Why?" I smile back innocently.

"Because I saw you steal some stuff" she whispers. I stare at her, my expression gone completely blank. She laughs "don't be so serious!" She pushes my shoulder a bit. "I do it all the time" she confesses. I drop my jaw. "Maybe sometime you can share some of that nail polish" she winks and walks away.

I sigh and leave the store. Holy shit. Did that really just happen?


"Hey mom" I saw as I play with the mashed potatoes on my plate.

"Yes sweety?" She tries to smile.

"When can I start chemo?" She drops her fork loudly and sighs.

"This is a bad time" she picks her fork back up and continues.

"Well, when's a good time?" I start to get sassy.

"Yeah, when's a good time?" David mimics me.

"Not at dinner" she looks at me sternly, ignoring David.

"Stop trying to block this out. It's happening and I would like to know when I can start chemo" I say nicely. This reminds me of an old, responsible me. How I used to be.

"You're not" her voice is soft.

"What!?" I raise my voice. This causes David to shush me.

"The doctor said it's pointless" a tear falls down her cheek. Pointless. As in I'm a lost cause.

I go to my room without a word and stay there for a while until I fall asleep.


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