Please Stay

Scarlett is an 18 year old girl who lives with her abusive father. She runs away to find a place where she can feel loved. Will this new guy she met be the one?


1. Run Far

Have to find a way out. I can't stay here any longer. He will find out where I am.

"Out the window! Why haven't I thought of that before!" I whispered to myself not wanting my father to hear me. I opened the window of my room(which is on the second floor) and jumped. I yelped in pain as I landed on my leg. It was hard to walk, so I limped to the park which is a few minutes away from my house. I couldn't bear the pain of my leg, so I rested it on the nearest park bench. I cried of both happiness and agony. I was finally away from my life of torture.

The thing is I had no money, no place to go, and no phone to contact people. Well, I didn't need to contact anyone, as the only person I have ever seen since my mother died was my dad. I decided to just stay at the park and wait until something, ANYTHING, happens. As tears were still streaming down my face, I hear a voice.

So my first chapter. Sucks I know. Well I will try to get better next time!

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