Half A Heart



1. Do You Have To Go?


     "Bye Drew." I gave my brother a kiss on the cheek, and then Wes came over to me. "I'm going to miss you." I said. "But I'll miss you more bestie!" He said and walked away. Finally, Keaton came over. I sighed, "I'm going to miss you the most. Keep the idiots out of trouble and have fun." I hugged him. "It won't be fun without you though. You're the life of the party!" He laughed. "I love you." I said, without even thinking. After a few seconds, "I love you too." He kissed my head. "Flight 32 to Austin, Texas is now boarding." we heard over the speaker. "Do you have to go?" I asked. "Sadly, yes. But, we'll be back in a few months." He said sadly. "Well, I guess you should go now." I said. He hugged me again. "Bye." He left. I began walking to the car. "Wait! Rach!" I turned around. "I forgot to give you a kiss." he smiled. I laughed at his adorableness. He gave me a kiss and then ran off. Well, what do I do now?


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