Niall, she's yours

Samantha and Niall had broken up years ago, before she could tell him she's pregnant.

Years later she leaves their daughter with him as to she has cancer and might not make it.

Will Niall step up to the plate? Will he love her as much as Sam loves her? Will he be a good dad?

Ps. I think my blurb is shitty but yeno give my story a chance


7. chapter 7: this is my daughter part 1

I woke up to the sound of my ringtone going off, and I groggily answered it.

"Niall! You boys have an interview" uncle simon cheered through the phone.

"Huh why??" I questioned sitting up.

"Boy, you're going public!" He said excitedly

"What why??" I said panicking a bit.

"With the tour coming up, you have to tell them" he explained like I was crazy or something.

"Oh." I muttered "well then when is it?" I asked

"Ehhhh an hour or so yeno" he said quickly

"WHAT!?!? I'm not ready I need to get myself and andie ready! This is ugh!" I said hanging up and jumping out of bed and running into andies room to see her awake and playing with her dolls.

"Morning daddy" she said just glancing at me.

"Princess it's time to get ready" I said panting.

"Are you okay??" She asked looking at me funny.

"Yes, now we have to get ready we're late!" I said picking her up and plopping her in the bath.

"Where are we going?" She asked as I frantically dried her off.

"Interview" I said grabbing her Aztec leggings with a longish yellow flowy tank top and her uggs.

"What's that?" She asked as I quickly got her dressed.

"When someone asks questions and others see or hear it" I said brushing her hair and putting a French braid in it, the girls taught me how to do her hair one day.

"Okay you go play I'll get ready" I said running out of her room, and getting showered and dressed in black jeans, a white muscle shirt and purple supras.

I ran downstairs and popped some toast in to the toaster, got mine and andies jackets on, jammed the toast, popped one in my hand one in hers and ran out to the car.

I heard many people greeting us as we walked to the dressing room where all the boys and the girlfriends were.

"Ha you're late!" Louis rubbed in my face.

"Yeah okay u try getting yourself and another person ready in 30 minutes" I said giving andie some toys to play with, she walked over to the girls handing them each a doll to play with.

"Niall, get into hair and makeup!" Someone yelled walking past the room, I quickly walked to the makeup room to see Lou waiting for me.

"Where's lux" I asked casually as she worked away on me.

"She got some kind of bug when we came back" she explained frantically.

"Sounds bad" I said wondering what I would do if something happens like that to andie, my little princess

"You're all good to go, have fun" Lou said shooing me out of the room.

"We're on in 5" I heard a random voice yell

"Boys get to your seats" someone said walking into the room, but quickly walking out talking on the headset.

"Daddy where you going" andie asked seeing us walk out the room.

"I'll see you in a bit okay?" I said crouching down to her level, she nodded her head and hugged me. I walked out the room and on to the stage where the boys were already, I could hear the screams of the live audience.

"We're on!" We heard someone yell from off stage.

"Hello boys! I'm Courtney and I'm the host today!" She said cheerfully, we all said our hellos.

"So when's the next tour boys?" She asked causing the crowd to cheer.

"Next month sometime" Liam said.

The interview went on and on until she asked the question we all waited for.

"So any girls in your boys' life?" She asked scooting up a bit

"Eleanor" Louis said

"Perrie" Zayn piped in

"Single" Harry and Liam said at the same time.

"What about you Niall?" She pushed on me

"Just Andrea" I said smiling widely.

"Oo well boys, how about we send them up?" She asked excitedly, nodding to someone behind stage.

"DADDY" andie yelled as she say me.

"PRINCESS" I yelled back as she ran into my arms, causing the whole audience to gasp and the boys to chuckle.

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