Last Friday Night

What will happen when Lane, Jacob, Luke, and Taylor get lost on a camping retreat in a city they are unfamiliar with?


1. Rockwall, Virginia

Chapter 1 Rockwall, Virginia (Lane)

It's summer and now I can be free! I am with my three best friends Luke, Jacob, and Taylor. We always walk home on Friday. This Friday happens to be our last day of school. We walk to Taylor's house for ice cream.

My name is Lane Jackson. Im 16 years old and I attend Rockwall High School its located in the town of Rockwall, Virginia. I am one of those students who never really got good grades in school, but still went just to see my friends. I am known as a class clown to most of my school. Im the kind of person that if someone says, "Do you know Lane Jackson?" Their answer comes so naturally that thy don't even have to think about it. I am also one of the hottest boys in my grade says all the girls. They also consider me to be popular, but I never really believed in the popularity thing. I do think that their has to be a monarchy in high school to make it run smoothy. My girlfriend Meredith Lively is Queen Bee. That would make me her trustworthy King. Meredith calls the the three girls that are always following her around her minions. When she wants something they go get it. They tell her who she can talk to and who she can't. In other words if you are lame don't even think about coming near her she will just shun you. Minion number one, my labeling, is Hannah Tran. Her mother owns the biggest hospital in the country. Her father is the inventor of hot pockets. She lives in one of the biggest houses in our neighborhood. I still have the biggest house next to my girlfriend

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