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39. Chapter 36

My heart thumped in my chest as I approached the changing room door. I dreaded to think what Harry looked like after the fight. Breathing erratically, I forced myself to move forward. My eyes instantly landed on Harry. The room was dimly lit, making it difficult to distinguish his face as he sat on one of the benches. His head was bowed, curls flopping over his forehead.

“Harry.” I called out quietly.

His head rose with my voice. The icepack pressed to the left side of his face was brought down and placed beside him. My apprehension was getting the better of me, not sure if I should stay put. I strained to see his face from my position.

“Come here.” His raspy voice instructed.

My fingers nervously played with the ends of my hair, biting my lip as I cautiously moved forward. His ringlets were drenched in sweat, sticking to his forehead as he stared up at me. I think he was almost as wary as I was. I had prepared myself for the worst but his appearance surprised me. Yes, he was bloody and slightly bruised, but it was nowhere near as bad as the images my mind had tortured me with.

Harry curiously peered at me from under his sweaty curls. It was almost as if he were holding his breath, waiting for my reaction. A large hand was held out for me to take and I immediately accepted the gesture. Harry chuckled as I straddled his lap. My touch was instantly on his face, brushing over his cheeks, checking to see if he was hurt. I pushed back his damp ringlets. All the while he didn’t take his frosty green gaze off me. Blood was smeared across his cheek from his nose, but it wasn’t broken.


My touch travelled down his chest, leaning away slightly, Harry’s hands supported my lower back as I checked his stomach. He winced a little, my eyes darting up to his face. I tugged his arms round, holding his hands in mine, turning them over, testing his long fingers.

“Bo, I’m fine.” He laughed.

I held his chin turning his head from side to side, ignoring his comment. I think he thought it best to let me carry on with my investigation. Harry just sat there, a smile on his face as I continued.

I frowned as he flinched, my thumb running across his overly plump bottom lip. It had obviously swelled slightly from a hit. I leant forward pressing a light kiss to the injury. Harry didn’t have time to respond before my thumb gently pushed in between his lips.

“What are you doing?” He question muffled at my intrusion.

I squinted my eyes in concentration, exploring round his mouth.

“Checking you still have all your teeth.” I replied.

He gripped my wrist, playfully sucking on my thumb before he pulled it out.

“That’s what the gum shield is for.” He laughed.

Harry grinned at me to display the whites of his teeth. His cheeky smile clearly showing he hadn’t lost any during the fight.

“See.” He confirmed.

I sighed in relief, my head falling to his shoulder as he wrapped his arms round me. I didn’t care about the perspiration trickling down his chest, just wanting to hold him. Knowing he was safe.

“Oh my God. I’ve never been so scared in my entire life.” I mumbled against his sweaty skin.

He pressed a kiss to the top of my head as I clung to him. I’m not sure how long we stayed in that position. I was just so glad he was conscious and talking. The thought of what could have happened made me feel uncomfortable. But I didn’t dwell on it for long, knowing I would break down into tears again. I didn’t think I could take any more crying.

“Don’t you want to know how I did?” He asked quietly.

I rolled my eyes, boys and their egos.

“I don’t care, as long as you’re alright, it doesn’t matter.” I mumbled.

There were a few seconds of silence before his fingertips pressed into me, pulling me closer into our intimate embrace.

“I had him on his arse end of the first round. Knocked him out in the second.” He whispered.

I pulled back, my wide eyes connecting his Harry’s. They were sparkling with excitement, a grin quickly forming on his face. My bemusement clearly humouring him.

“W-What?” I stuttered.

“Bo, I won.”

My arms tightly wrapped round him, squeezing. Harry drew in a sharp breath. I pushed him down to lie back on the bench. My lips meeting his in a rushed, messy kiss. Fingertips dug into his shoulders as I rested my weight on him. But I quickly withdrew when I felt him wince.

“Steady.” Harry strained.

His eyes were clamped shut before he focused back on me.

“You might not be able to have your way with me tonight.” He playfully joked.

“I-I can’t believe you..” Still trying to comprehend what he had accomplished.

“Told you I was good.” Harry smirked.

I carefully laid down on top of him, placing my head on his chest.

“You’re incredible. “ I whispered.

He chuckled at my compliment, fingers brushing up and down my spine.

“So what happens to Scott now?”

Harry’s arms held me closer with the sound of his name. His reaction made me ponder over the undistinguishable words exchanged between the two fighters in the ring. The words that had provoked Harry into unleashing the violent behaviour that led to his win. I found myself glad that I hadn’t witnessed his unstoppable rage. The sight may have mentally scarred me.

“You don’t need to worry about him. He’s not going to be a problem anymore.”

The dark tone I detected in Harry’s voice told me I wasn’t to question him any further. No matter how desperate I was to discover what had been said between them. Instead I leaned up, pressing a kiss to his uninjured cheek.


Harry had tried to encourage me to go out with him and his friends to celebrate his win. But I turned down the offer. I didn’t want to intrude on what was clearly going to be a lad’s night out. Now I knew Harry was safe I was content in just going home and having a lazy evening. I had just caught my mum as she was heading off to work; another night shift at the hospital.

I quickly grew bored of the TV, my mind wanting something with a little more depth. It didn’t take me long to find an activity I had always loved. I laid back on the grass, a book in my hands. The flickering light from the candles I had placed to my side provided a pretty glow to absorb the words on the pages. I wanted to make the most of the warm evening deciding to spend my time in the back garden. But I could hardly concentrate on the romance novel I held. My thoughts repeatedly straying to a beautiful boy who had taken my heart. The lines I read seemed nothing on comparison to what was playing out in my life. Harry had turned it upside down, it could never go back to the way it was. But I didn’t want it to.

I attempted to read for a while longer. A smile creeping onto my face as I felt someone’s presence beside me. My head rolled to the side to find Harry laid to my right. He grinned at me, taking my book from my fingers and folding over the page. The novel was placed on the grass as Harry leaned into me, placing a kiss on my cheek.

“Hello, Beautiful.” His raspy voice spoke.

I smiled brushing a few curls back from his face.

“I thought you were going out to celebrate.” I whispered.

“I didn’t want to. I want to spend time with my girlfriend.”

My heart swelled at his words. Butterflies erupting in my stomach as I stared at him. Now in jeans and a t shirt, smelling fresh from the shower. Harry shifted his body, laying down on his front at an angle to me, his head by my middle.

Long fingers carefully tugged up my tank top. Harry’s warm touch brushed my bare stomach as the clothing was pushed up beneath my breasts. I smiled as he plucked a daisy from the grass. The petals tickled at my skin as Harry trailed the small flower lightly over my stomach. His gaze travelled up to my face, dimples deeply set into his cheeks as he grinned at me.

“That tickles.” I giggled.

The stem was pulled from the head of the daisy. I curiously peered down as Harry placed the pretty flower into my belly button. My eyes fluttered shut as he leaned forward, plump lips pressing to the area just above the new decoration.

“You look like a goddess.” His raspy voice whispered.

My long, dark hair had fanned out round me, my body laid back on the grass. I smiled as he shifted to hover over me, a knee either side of my waist. Nobody had ever looked or spoken to me like Harry had before. He made me feel like we were the only two people in the world.

“So beautiful.”

In that moment I knew it was Harry. I wanted to give myself to him. He could have me, all of me. And I desperately wanted him.

He smiled, dipping his head to kiss my neck. I gripped his nape, fingers pressing into his warm skin as I built up the courage.

“Make love to me.” I barely whispered.

He heard. His lips unmoving as he processed my words. Harry’s body seemed to tense above me, not quite sure of his next move. My fingers slid into his curls, fisting them and gently guiding his head away from the crook of my neck. Our breathing was heavy as his forehead rested on mine. My heart thumped in my chest, Harry’s stunning eyes piecing into mine.


I wasn’t naïve to the fact that Harry had had sex before, that information was evident. His knowledge and experience often intimidating me as I had no clue on most of the acts under the sex title. But making love. I wasn’t so sure he had committed to anything as remotely profound . And by his almost stiffened posture my thoughts were confirmed. This would be the first time it had actually meant something to him. I wanted him to make love to me, I wanted that sort of intimate connection with Harry. The connection that only lovers had; to put my trust in him and his in me.

He looked almost frightened as he stared at me. His eyes wide and blazing.

“Are you sure?” Harry’s voice hoarse as he desperately gazed at me.

I gave him a small nod. My touch slipped from his ringlets as he moved away slightly. I rolled my head to the side, watching as his full lips pouted, blowing out the candles one by one. Now the only light being emitted was the full moon that hung high in the black sky. The beams breaking through the tall trees at the end of the garden.

I watched in amazement. The Luna rays illuminating Harry’s face in way that took my breath away. He was so beautiful. A kiss was pressed to the corner of my eye, his long lashes brushing against my cheek as he pulled away.

I intently observed as he got to his feet, holding out his hand towards me. I gripped it before Harry lifted me to stand in front of him. The small flower fell to the grass, my fingers tugging down my top before they entwined with Harry’s. His touch so warm as we walked to the back door of my house. But he stopped me as I reached for the handle. My eyes fluttered closed as he leant down, our lips connecting in an innocent kiss, his nose sweetly rubbing against mine. The gesture made me shyly smile. We pulled apart seconds later, Harry leading me into the house, locking the door behind us.

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