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18. Chapter 16


I jolted awake, to the sound of thunder. Bright flashing illuminating the window that had a thin layer of curtain fabric drawn over it. My sudden movement caused something to stir beneath me. Harry. I sighed, relief washing over me, glad to have been woken from the awful dream. The earlier events of the evening replaying in my uneasy mind as I slept.

My body relaxed, reassured of the fact he wasn’t laid motionless in the dark alley, like he had been in my nightmare. I found myself in awe as the angry weather outside continued to provide striking flashes of light. Harry’s beautiful face illuminated for seconds at a time before the room was plunged into gloom again.

Even in the dim light I could see his curls that were sprawled out on the pillow. Long eyelashes rested on the top of his cheeks. My eyes fell to his lips, the bottom one slightly swollen from the beating he had received. It was the most tranquil state I had ever seen him in. He was still apart from the steady movement of his chest and the occasional twitch of his fingers.

My mind wondered back to what he had told me before we fell asleep. My heart ached with the obviously painful memories of his mum and sister. My fingers curiously touched over the warm skin on his stomach that had been revealed by the fallen covers. The touch travelled lightly up his chest, trailing up his neck. My fingertips ghosted over his lips before pushing back some of the curls from his forehead.

He was trying to protect them. His mum’s reaction had torn him up inside, he was desperate to keep them safe, but his violent actions had frightened rather than reassured the women in his life. I could tell Harry couldn’t bear to go through another experience like the one he witnessed with his mum and dad. That’s why he lashed out at his sister’s lover.

I didn’t want to justify the violent behaviour he displayed now, but I could certainly understand it. I began to believe Harry’s actions towards me weren’t something I should be scared of. But he still held that certain intimidating edge. My thoughts were abruptly interrupted when Harry shot up, the loud weather yanking him from sleep. His hands instantly finding mine, pulling me to his body as he breathed heavily.

“Harry, it’s just thunder.” I whispered, attempting to calm him down.

His arms protectively wrapped round my body. My fingers moved in soothing circles across his bare skin as I gradually felt his muscles relax.


I squinted slightly at the bright light peeking through the edges of the curtains. Harry was still asleep, mouth slightly agape as his chest rose and fell. I gently pried his strong arms from round my body, shuffling out of the bed. Harry rolled onto his front, face pressed to the pillow as he lightly snored. My hands quietly rooted through my drawers, pulling out clothes for me to change into after my shower.

My head turned, eyes locking on the still sleeping figure in my bed before I shut the door to the bathroom. I washed and changed quickly. I checked my appearance in the refection of the mirror, pushing my long, wet hair back over my shoulders. My fingers gripped the handle to the door, but disappointment grew as my eyes landed on the bed. The sheets were a mess on the mattress. Harry nowhere in sight. He’d left.

I sat on the end of the bed, my body flopping back onto the duvet. A few minutes passed before my phone buzzed. I scrabbled over to my bag that I had left by the door, pulling out my phone and unlocking it.

Harry: “Be ready by 9 tomorrow night, I’m taking you out again. Wear a dress for me. x”

*Next Evening*

Harry had taken me to a different club, one further across town. Yet again he seemed to be a regular, the large bouncer recognising him and letting us enter before the frustrated queuing people outside. A strong arm was slung round my shoulder, tugging me closer to his body.

“Your arse looks amazing in that dress.” He lowly whispered into my ear.

I knew he had been checking me out. The walk to the club had been full of lingering glances and attempts to squeeze my bum. He would laugh as I yanked his hand away from my backside, only to drop a suggestive comment a few minutes later.

I looked up to him, Harry’s eyes loitering on my chest before he met my gaze. He smirked before leading me over to the bar, where he was quickly served by a busty blonde. She shamelessly tried to flirt with him, only to be shot down. Either Harry hadn’t noticed her attempts to get his attention or he was ignoring her. Regardless of which, his interest stuck to me. Something I found a little surprising seen as the barmaid was very pretty. The drink was handed to me, the alcohol running down my throat and relaxing my tense posture. Harry’s position changed after the second glass I had consumed within the hour. His large hand grazed down my back, resting just above my backside as he forced my body into his. I whimpered at his persuasive actions. His head dipped, nipping at my neck, his scent taking over my senses. I was lost in his touch until his plump lips found my ear, his raspy voice adding to the seduction.

“Dance for me.”

He drew back, looking down confirm that I understood what he desired of me. When I didn’t respond he flicked his head over to the dance floor. Numerous bodies were moving and grinding to the thumping music. His hand encouraged me over to the spot he focused on. Harry’s warm touch left my lower back as I walked over. If it wasn’t for the 2 drinks I had consumed I might have objected to the idea. I turned round to find him sat up on a stool, directly in front of me. His dark gaze held mine as he leaned his elbows back onto the bar, waiting for me to comply to his request.

I had danced at clubs before, but never for someone. My body hesitantly moved, not quite sure of what Harry was expecting. My mind jumbled but I decided it was best to just let go. Move however my body wanted to. My hips swayed to the heavy bass, feeling it thump through my chest. The alcohol in my blood stream aiding in my movements. My gaze fell back on Harry. His eyes seemed to grow darker as he drank in my body, scanning up and down. A smirk crossed his beautiful features as my hands slid down my body.

My mind became aware of other male gazes, watching as I moved my hips. But none of them made any attempt to approach me. They knew I was Harry’s. I had never had this sort of attention before, but I carried on dancing. My only focus was on the curly-haired guy sat up at the bar. He brought his drink up to his plump lips as he stared at me over the rim. My head rolled back, long hair cascading over my shoulders. I felt like we were the only two people in the club.

I smiled as Harry shifted on his seat. His feet touched the floor as he pushed himself up. His towering figure promptly strolling forward to me. I watched his smirk grow as I moved back. My stomach flipped when he gave me a playful look, winking. Swiftly I turned, weaving through the sweaty bodies on the dance floor. My long hair tickled my skin as I twisted my head round to find Harry following me. I brought my bottom lip between my teeth, teasing him. A small giggle escaped my mouth as his eyes grew impossibly darker. His movements became a little more forceful, nudging people out the way to continue our mischievous chase. My gaze flickered back every now and then, already knowing I had him hooked. A few female eyes landed on Harry’s tall frame, but he didn’t care. His focus was solely on me.

I found myself nearing the corner of the dark club. But I didn’t have time to turn around as a pair of large hands caught hold of my hips from behind.

“Where are you going, Love?” His raspy voice whispered into my ear.

The heavy, slow base thumped around us. Harry’s strong arm snaked round my waist, his right hand staying on my hip. Plump lips pressed to my neck as we moved to the music. I gasped as Harry forced my hips back, my backside pressed firmly to his crotch.

“Can you feel that?”

I tensed, my breathing increased, a hard bulge pressing into me.

“That’s how much I want you.” He whispered lowly in my ear.

His raspy tone sent shivers through my body. My head rolled back onto his shoulder as he ground his hips into me, my eyes squeezing closed at the contact.

“Harry.” I gasped.

Small whimpers left my lips as I felt his chest vibrate in a low moan. His nose brushed the skin of my neck. Full lips leaving a wet trail of kisses.

“Tell me what you want me to do.”

My hand went up, gripping the back of his neck. My fingertips pressed into the warm skin as he nibbled on my ear lobe.

“Tell me.” Harry encouraged.

My free hand desperately fisted his t shirt behind me.

“Touch me, please.”

“With pleasure.” He smirked.

His hot touch skimmed down my side, lingering to rub small circles into my hip before moving lower. Harry’s actions went unnoticed by the others in the club. His larger frame shielding my body as our backs faced the rest of the room. The darker corner concealed our movements to the young people who were more interested in the person they were dancing with. My breath caught in my throat as a large hand ran up the inside of my thigh, slowly hitching my dress up. My lips parted as his fingertips skimmed over my underwear. Patterns were lightly traced over the lace, making me whimper. It surprised me when the pressure of his touch increased, my thighs squeezing together. Harry’s deep chuckle sounded in my ear as I felt the vibrations run through his chest behind me.

I gasped when he went to push my underwear to the side. But I stopped him, my fingers wrapping round his wrist.

“Not here, please.” I begged

In an instant Harry grabbed my hand, tugging me over to the exit.

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