Elias Jackson's sanity is questioned after a numerous amounts of disturbing events, are they real or just in his mindset ?


1. Dazed

It was 1979 , Cliff Richard was top of the charts , the Walkman was first pulled onto our shelves and that year was the start of these 'events' that changed how I look at life. My name's Elias I know you would of heard that name plastered all over the news at the time for reasons that I'm sure you would be aware of. February 19th 1979 , I was with my girlfriend of the time Carol Teale , a girl who wasn't complex like others,  a breath of fresh air what I needed after some shady relationships in the past. She worked as a production manager at a big firm in the city quite out of character of what she was like at home. We were together a year things were going well and then on that Sunday night something was different to others in the previous three-hundred and sixty-five days. I'd come into my part time job at the local launderette where  I saw Carol sitting cross-legged in the living room with a photo album. Where I saw page after page after page of photos of me doing things like sleeping, walking just breathing without me having the faintest idea of her activities. "What are you doing," I screamed in disgust. I'll never forget that eerie shiver she sent rushing down my spine she said with the most soothing voice back to me " Nothing baby , nothing." I chucked her out that night I have always have had issues with trust stemming from my childhood and this was to much for me to handle. An echo was vibrating in my mind through the night sleep 'You'll regret letting me go".Waking up that morning started of the decline of my everyday living

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