She did

She met them.
She was in love with all of them.
She chose one.
She played with them .
She admitted it.
She died.
And all of them are sad.


1. Chapter 1 - Hello

 "How did you meet her?" the counselor asked us. 

"It all started with a simple 'hello'. "Said Liam. 

 " -That "hello" changed everything. "Zayn said. 

"  I regret that "hello"." I said through my teeth. 

"  Go on, guys." she said. 

     Niall turned his gaze to the window and began to recount that night. An unforgettable night, the best night, the night that now I curse it. While he was telling about that night, I imagine everything.


I put my  brown boots, and then I got my keys from the floor. I got up from the floor and went to the car. The boys were waiting for me to go to a party organized by the managers because we won some awards at TCA. If this happened two years ago I would be happy, but not  that all journalists are watching us, I'm not feeling good going to party.

I got into the car, slammed the door and then I heard Niall laughing.

"I was so happy. The first day in London after so many months on tour."

The party was held at a downtown hotel. I knew that managers held it there because this is the first place in London where journalists are expected us to be.

  " The music was so good" Louis said laughing.

   I shook my head and chuckled softly. The songs that the people was dancing and eating or what they were doing, were ours.

 "I didn't know what to do. No one mind me. I turned around and my eyes remained fixed for some seconds, at the girl at the bar."

  "Who was the bartender?" asked the lady in front of me.

  "She was the bartender. I went to her and I told her to give me something, anything. I just wanted to see her. She was so beautiful, and even sexy. She turned to me with the drink. I asked her a few things about her and she surprisingly  she didn't want to answer me. Any girl would be my  response, but she doesn't. That was one of the things that attracted me to her. Eventually she told me her name. Just it. The way she pronounced my name was ... so ... perfect."

    " Tell how was with her, Zayn?"

   "I wanted to go to the bathroom and I came across her. Her menus fell and I helped her, but before I help her, I looked in her eyes. She seemed very shy, I didn't know why. The girls around me go crazy, I liked that about her. And I touched her hand ... it was a dream, her touch  ... Oh! She gave me her number ..."

  "Ok. Liam?"

  "Everything happened so fast. All the feelings hit me and I snapped. She put the drink on the table, she winked after she left. I ran to get my the drink, and under the glass was a note. Her address was written there."

  "Niall? " the lady asked.

 With tears in his eyes, Niall stood from his chair, went to the wall and hit it.

  "She didn't notice me, I went to ask her something, I wanted to talk to her, but she ...."

   "No need to say anything. Please take some water."

  Niall nodded and took to drink.

 " I think I'm the next." Louis said, lifting his head." I had to leave, I was drunk and I did not realized that I was arguing with the boys. I wanted to take a taxi, but it was busy. The girl in it  called me inside. She told me her name was Rosie. What a beautiful name ..."

  " Want to know what she thought?"

  We all nodded and the counselor opened  the envelope. I found this envelope under her pillow after that incident. Besides him, there are a few. On it was  writing  "party" so we thought about that evening.

Hey guys. 


    I'm sorry for saying this so, but I have no choice. 

I was a bartender at the hotel bar just to pay my debts to the bank

 Harry, when you come to me I snapped. I knew who you are so I acted accordingly. I pretended not to be interested, but actually, I'd die for you. 

  Zayn, I saw next to Harry and I said "I fell in love". But I also like Harry, that's why I was shy. I gave you my number because I knew that the boys would search me.

   Liam, I saw you sitting at the table, and again, I fell in love. I left my address with the thought that you'll tell the others.


Niall, I didn't  noticed, although I liked you. After I left my data of others guys, what do I had to give you? Plus I didn't want to get lost in your eyes. 


   Louis, I don't know what to say. 


N/A : hei, my first story, hope you like it :)


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