first love in the new world

its story about a girl whose excited about her sweet 16 but she didn't know one surprise would change her life upside down


1. sweet 16


I woke up by my mom waking me up "happy birthday princess" i smiled "thanks mom,and by the way where's dad" "your dad just went for jogging" "okay" i said. i knew something was gonna happen special today i can just feel it, something big something unexpected was gonna happen.  right now i was very much excited for the rest of the day but apart of me also worried. mixed feeling always sucks. i took a bath and got dressed. i looked beside my laptop was a box kept. there was a note along with it and say's happy birthday to my little girl i opened the box and there was the gift i have been waiting for weeks a  Dior watch. i put it around my wrist and got out of my room and saw everyone decorating the house for my sweet 16 party. 

i just forget to tell you guys about me. hi everyone my name is Ashley Oberoi. i live in INDIA. i love listening music, cooking, and every other thing that a teenager loves. i think without friends my life would be like a black and white movie and i love my family way to much. my best friends are ashley and shanaya.

it 7 o'clock i started getting ready for my party. i pretty much invited the whole school. i not such a fashion girl but not too bad in it. my phone vibrated. there was five messages from shanaya. i took my i phone 5c and came out of my room. there was everybody wishing me. i went over to my friends "hi guys so what are we chatting about"  i said. Ashley said "nothing just seeing how hot sid is looking today. Anaya babes i just cannot believe he came to your sweet 16 party." shanaya looks at me and say "he's coming towards you". i took a deep breath and said "first of all i m not interested in Sid and second of all he has a girlfriend" from my back came a voice "we just broke up yesterday" i recognized the voice it was of Sid. i gave Shanaya  a look and said "he right behind me na" she nodded. i turned around saw Sid well i'm not gonna lie he looked hot.

"happy birthday Anaya" Sid said. I said "thank you". Ashley said "come on Shanaya lets go and see that the cake is ready or not" i give her a look please don't go. i looked down on the ground and said "so why did you guys broke up". he smiled at me and said "you see i like this another girl". i looked into his beautiful chocolate brown eyes and said "is she here at the party?" he said "yes".




hi guys this is my first movellas i hope you guys like it.:)  

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