The Inbetweeners

This story is about a girl named Summer and her cousin, Theo. They grew up in a place that's known among witches and wizards as level #3. This is the place that magical folk in the category of something called a hander, are normally raised. Then the cousins find Harry, Ron, and Hermione hiding in a small shelter made of fallen branches. They need to figure out a way to send the golden trio back to the world of 'average' witches and wizards.


1. The Luckiest Unlucky People Ever

Harry's POV

"Come on, guy's! We're going to be late for history class!" Shouted Hermione. Ron and me were watching some kids play a prank on Peeves. How they were going to pull it off, I have no clue, but it was interesting, watching them try. Sighing, I got up and draged Ron along with me. We walked side by side, silently until we got to Binns. Ron, Hermione and me were goin to Hogworts this year to make up for our year out on the run. In the back of the room, I atracted only a few stairs, and Ron and Hermione picked up there usual conversation about if Ron should tryout for Quiddich this year, and if so, what position. Hermione said that if he did tryout this year, wich she thought was a rather bad idea, he should try for beater, synce he had a strange knack for breaking things. I sort of zoned out during this conversation, synce I wasn't rilly included in any way.  When we were walking back to the common room, though, something wizzed past me and seemed to snag my shoulder. I grabbed onto Ron to gain my balance, but instead of floor under me, my feet gave way to open ended nouthingness. Ron grabbing Hermione, we were all sucked into the black voied,  and the last thing I remember was seeing the sunlight struggling to get through an unusually thick layer of leaves.


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