Another Biersack?

I, Anna Beirsack, the unknown one although I was with Andy almost all the time. Well , i think i am gaining feelings for one of the band members. what will Andy think?


6. what secret?

     Andy came running up the stairs. He got to my doorway and asked "Is everything okay?" Ashley and I exchanged a glance and I answered "yeah" Andy nodded and started back down the stairs. I got up as Ashley walked out of the room and ran into the bathroom. I had to take anther shower because of Andy. After getting out of the shower I put on shorts and a tank top, because I didn't feel like dressing up again.  I walked downstairs ad sat down between Andy and Ashley.

     Ashley fingers intertwined with mine and I smiled a little. We all sat there watching Happy Tree Friends for about an hour. Everyone thought I was insane at first for liking this show, but they soon started to like it too. Andy got up and walked into the kitchen and he asked me to come with him. I followed as I got ready for a lecture. "Anna, I know something is going on between you and Ash now just tell me what it is." I took a deep breath and said "Ash and I are going out" as fast as I could. Andy stood there in shock.


    [sorry about the short chapter please tell me what you think about te story so far it would help out a lot]

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