The Sands of Time

A kind of sad story about a woman with cancer in her last hour of life.


1. Only chapter

"Will you stay with me forever?" I whisper, my breath creating a cloud of whiteness in the crisp air. 
"Of course I'll stay with you forever, love," he replies and his cloud mixes with mine. Love courses through my veins for him and I get lost in his charming brown eyes. Snow falls around us creating a picturesque scene. My hat gets speckled with white as snow flies from fluffy clouds.
"What if I don't make it?" I ask tentatively as a salty tear slides sadly down my cheek. He wipes it away with his warm fingers and his eyes show with worry.
"You will. You'll make it I promise. It's bad, I know but they're doing research everyday for cures to cancer," he tries to reassure me and I try to stop my tears. I know he wants to believe that's true. He wants to believe that's true so badly that it makes me cry to see his pain.
"Okay," I give in and let him lead me through the snow back to our house. Our home. Where we will live. Forever. Just like he said. But forever isn't long for me. Forever is less than 24 hours. Information I left out when I told him what the doctor said. I just want to hold on now. I want to hold now in my heart and let time freeze here. His arms wrap around me and his lips press against my forehead lovingly. Tonight is my last night. I need him to know this but I can't bring myself to crush his hope. I stop at a wall that we recently decorated. Pictures hang from the wall and I trace the pictures that tell the our story. The first is of prom in our last year of high school. I wore a hideous blue dress but he loved it anyway. The next is of when he proposed. The look on my face is priceless, a mix between shock and love it looks quite hilarious on my lips. My fingers trace along the next picture, the one from our wedding. Tears reach my already red eyes as I remember saying I do. Those are the best words that ever came out of my mouth. The remaining few pictures are of our travels around the world. He comes from behind me and rubs his hands up and down my arms.
"What are you thinking, love?" He asks quietly and I bite my tongue. 
"Do you remember that time when we went to the rodeo, and that one man, he was like some sort of champion or something but he was in the crowds and he came down to show them how it's done. Do you remember that?" I question and laugh at the strange events that happened afterward.
"Yeah, didn't the crowd cheer him on to get on a bull so he did and he stayed on the full time but his chest got crushed under a hoof when he tried to get off?" He adds and I cringe. We were close to the front when it happened. He jumped off but the bull tripped during his jump and smashed into his chest.
"How did he manage to stand after that?" I wonder aloud to him and he gets a puzzled expression on his face. I see it in his eyes, they focus deeply but see nothing when he concentrates. I feel like that man. I am crushed by my cancer, it holds me to the ground not letting me get up. I, unfortunately don't have the strength the man did. He got up, with the help of his friends, but he got up. I will never get up.
"I don't know. Maybe we could search it tomorrow," he suggests and my hopes fall, I want to know if he lived and I know I won't have tomorrow. Anxiety bubbles in my stomach, it's worse knowing you've only got a certain amount of time to live. I wish the doctors never told me. He guides me up the steps but before we walk into our room I turn around and face him.
"If...if tonight was my last night would you have done anything differently?" I question nervously. Part of me doesn't want to know the answer but the other part needs to know.
"Never. I wouldn't change a thing. Marrying you was the best best decision of my life. I will never want to change any of our time together. I love you. Love isn't something said it's something shown through actions. I love you more than you could ever know. If tonight was your last night I would want you to know that," he says and I know he means every word of it. I can't stop the tears that pour from my eyes and his eyes are filled with pain and love all at the same time.
"If tonight was my last night I would just want to say that you mean more to me than my own heart," I cry and he takes me into his arms. I cry for a while before he finally suggests that we sleep. I agree and I lay down in bed. I can feel my soul slowly drifting away and I know it's not sleep that's after me. I hardly notice when he gets into bed but I feel him gently place his hand on my waist.
"Happy Valentine's Day, love," he whispers into my ear as my soul slides away and my body becomes motionless. 
"I love you," I breathe out using the last breath that'll ever enter my lungs again.

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