Little White Lies

What happens when Emily

And her boyfriend Harry

Spend the summer together

And she gets told some news


1. Last day of school

** Emily's P.O.V

Well it's the last day of school and I can't wait. Sure I'll miss all my friends but I'll mostly miss Harry. We have been together or one month now and I pretty much know everything about him. I'm very excited to get out of this school because for the past two years I've been bullied for being what they call drama. When those girls are drama. Sorry I'm Emily and I have blue eyes dark hair and I'm 18 years old. As I watched the clock I heard something come up to my ear "someone's excited to get out of school " I knew it was Harry. "Just excited to spend the summer with you ".

**Harrys P.O.V

I knew I had to tell her somehow but I know she hates it when I go on tour so when she told me that,it took me all I had to not tell her I don't know what I'm going to say her she's so delicate. I'll just get Louis to tell her.... No then she would get mad.... I'll just tell her after class. "RINNNG" the bell went summer was finally here.

** Emily's P.O.V

I met up with Eby and Michelle my two best friends. "So whatcha doing this summer" Eby asked. "I have no idea wbu Michelle ?" "I don't know probley hang out with the boys for a bit" Michelle was dating Louis and Eby was obsessed with Niall.....secretly. " Well, Well, Well if it isn't the skank patrol" Angle said in her perfect voice with her perfect flannel dress and 8 inch heels looking perfect as ever. "Ew Angle is that a skunk or your perfume I smell and did you play around with the crayons a little too muc today" Eby always knew what to say. "Get out of my way loser and oh harry" "yeah?" Holding up call me sign and he neglected it and kissed me to make we jealous.

Sorry y'all I hope yall like it I'm new but zayn has a secret crush who wants to be it I will post more tomorrow jut comment your name color hair and color eyes thanks NO SCHOOL!!

-love you lovelys

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