A Dream Come True *Liam Payne Love Story*

A girl named Lulu who absolutely loves music and is so musically talented gets the privilege to go on tour with One Direction as their opening act. But when things are just starting to get good, life takes a turn for Lulu and the boys.


1. The Beginning

The lights were dimmed, a single spotlight pointing straight at me, the stadium filled with people calling my name. My fans. It all started on the day I was at work with my mom. She owns an auditorium. I was in the auditorium playing the piano and singing, waiting for my mom to be done. I love to play the piano, sing and write music. I am 18 years old. I was born on September 12th. I have been singing since I could speak, writing music since I was 8 and playing the piano since I was 10. No body knows I can sing, well besides my family. I have one brother and one sister. My parents got divorced when I was 12. My name is Lucynda Jane Parker, but I go by Lulu. I live in Jackson, Tennessee. I have been a directioner since One Direction was put together on the X Factor. I hope to one day be as big as them and to also meet them one day.

Liam’s POV

    The boys and I just got done rehearsing our first concert for tour. I started wandering around the auditorium. I hear a piano playing, so I follow the noise. I walk into a huge auditorium with a tall ceiling, two rows of balconies, and a huge stage looking out into hundreds of rows of seats. I look over at where the noise was coming from. It was a beautiful girl playing and singing. I stand there in silence listening to her play. She has an angelic voice, blonde hair, and she’s tall and skinny. The girl stopped playing so I clapped for her, stepping into the light so she could see me. When she saw me her face lit up. She must be a fan. “Hi, I’m Liam Payne from One Direction. You have a beautiful voice.” I said walking towards her extending my hand.

“I know who you are and thanks. I’m Lucynda Parker, but you can call me Lulu.” She said shaking my hand, sending chills down my spine.

    I noticed she has emerald green eyes. She is very beautiful. “So, are you a fan?” I asked running my hand through my hair.

“Only your number 1.” She said giggling.

“Would you like to meet the other boys? They’re back at the hotel.”  I said stepping towards her.

“I would love too.” She said, her face lighting up once again.

    I took her hand and led her out towards my car.

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