Anna has been shut out all her life by her sister, Elsa. Little does she know that Elsa is different. She has a secret. And the on the day of her coronation, the secret that Elsa has done so well to hide is revealed.
Based off of Disney's Frozen


1. Chapter One

Author's Note: I love Frozen, and after seeing it, my friend and I were talking about what it would be like if Elsa had different element control. She is, after all, essentially a waterbender. I decided to go with these powers, which you'll have to read to figure out. Also, I should mention that I have only seen Frozen once, and my memory is a wee bit rusty. I am trying to make it as accurate as possible, combining my recollections with those of four of my other friends. It should work well. Okays then, Movellians! Enjoy!


Chapter One


Atop a mountain, high above the beautiful kingdom of Arendelle, there was work to be done. There were ice harvesters, strong men who cut and hauled vast ice blocks from the mountain lake. Horses stood at attention, waiting patiently with empty wagons, ready to be filled with ice. Soon, the ice would be taken to Arendelle to be sold.

A young boy stood in the shadows, gawking at the workmen. He wanted to be like them, but he was too young. His name was Kristoff, and at his side was a baby reindeer, named Sven.

As evening slowly approached, Kristoff convinced Sven to carry some ice in the tiny sled that they had brought along. By now, most of the ice harvesters had left. Kristoff crept forward and snatched a block of ice, He wrestled it onto the sled and Sven and he were off.

Shining above them, the northern lights danced across the sky.

In Arendelle, the palace lay silent. The bright different colors passed through the windows, awaking a young girl, around the age of five. She jumped out of bed and tiptoed across the room, to wake up her older sister of eight. "Elsa! Elsa!" she cried out urgently. "Wake up!"

Elsa grumbled and hid under the covers. "Go back to sleep, Anna."

"I just can't! The sky is awake, so I'm awake," she said dramatically. "Do you want to build a cinderman?"

Elsa's eyes poped open. Anna sure knew how to grab her sisters attention.

The girls were princesses, and more importantly, best friends. And because of that, Elsa couldn't resist her sister's begs. They ran down the hallway in their nightgowns, laughing. They entered the Great Hall.

"Are you ready?"

"Yes, yes!"

Elsa giggled, and held out her hands. Little specks of fire burst out her hands, and Elsa let them burn out and die, creating something a bit harder than ash. Warm stone.

Anna clapped happily. Her sister, she knew, was special. She could transform even the coldest winter into a warm day. She could form fires that would never go out, unless she told it to. She could turn little fire into small, warm rocks or hot burning embers.

With a twirl of the hand, Elsa summoned her fiery powers, filling the Great Hall with warmth.

Elsa created a big fire in the center of the room and cooled it down the a lopsided cinderman. She then separated bits of the rock inside, carving air pockets inside, making it light-weight. "Hi! I'm Olaf!" she said in a deep voice, pretending to be the cinderman.

Elsa made a smooth slide of rock, which made Anna squeal with delight. She climbed to the top and zoomed straight down it. Elsa quickly created little platforms for her sister to jump on. She had to work fast to keep up. "Anna! Slow down!"

But Anna was having too much fun. The princess was fearlessly jumping from one platform to another as soon as Elsa made it. Elsa tried to create another platform but she missed. Her fire bolt hit Anna right in the head, causing her to gasp and fall to the ground, unconscious.

"Anna!" Elsa shouted, running to her sister. She watched in horror as a lock of Anna's hair dissolved into a cherry red. "Mama! Papa!"

As she worried, a burning flame surrounded her.

The king and queen bust into the Great Hall to find the terror-filled sight.

"I didn't mean!" Elsa cried in distress. "I'm sorry!"

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