I Imagined You Were Real

This is a story about a girl who is so alone that she imagines up a boyfriend. But her passion for this guy creeps her parentd out, and they end up taking her to a mental hospital. She has to prove he is real, or realize he is only real to her. She can either let go of him, and be alone once more, or keep on beleiving, and remain stuck in a cell, just her and her imagination.


2. Friendship Grows

She took hold of Brillanill’s hand, and dragged him down the stairs saying “you have to meet my parents!” Jessica’s mum said “who has to meet me?” Jessica let go of Brillanill’s hand and whilst pointing at him she said with a cheerful smile “this here is my new best friend Brillanill”. Jessica’s mum looked at the empty space Jessica was pointing at. Deciding to play along with her daughters imagination, her mum shook hands with thin air. Jessica said to Brillanill “this is my mum”. Her dad did the same thing. Jessica said with a joyful smile “Brillanill will be staying with us. Is it okay if he stays for dinner?” Her parents said with a strange look on their faces “sure, go set a place at the table”.


Days went by, and Jessica continued to believe in her imaginary friend. At first her parents thought it was cute, and were glad to see Jessica finally having fun, even if it was by herself. They both continues to play along with their daughters imagination. Jessica’s dad attempted to have a conversation with thin air, but it wasn’t easy, and her mum nearly sat on Brillanill the other day. It wasn’t easy playing along with something you can’t see. Jessica’s friendship with Brillanill grew fast. She would have a full conversation with him, even pausing long enough for him to reply. She would even play games with him, games like chess, and snakes and ladders. Her mum caught her playing snakes and ladders one day. Of course she could only hear her daughter replying to herself.


“Right now Brillanill, you need to roll the dice, move the red one up the ladders, and down the snakes”.


'Right okay'.


It felt a little weird watching her daughter rolling a dice as if someone else was doing it, and moving the red piece, encouraging thin air that it has a chance of winning. As far as Jessica’s mum was concerned, Jessica was competing against herself.

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