Torn Between The Two

Most of this is based on a dream I had about the Franco brothers about how a girl (me) is stuck between which one she prefers best this is full of romance ,betray and hatred. I hope you enjoy ��


1. The College Lesson

It was Drama class at my college ,it was the first day of a new year of education.I must admit I'm not the most confident person when meeting new people in a completely different environment to what I'm used to, and that's why I chose drama not just because I love acting but because it also gives me the confidence I felt like I needed.So as a slowed walked into class I Immediately Chose the seat at the front (since I obviously wasn't going to talk to many people might as well concentrate).And then as a glance at the door I saw him, his Gorgeous face and perfectly toned body had walked into the classroom and had placed himself in the seat next to well ME!.I couldn't stop staring at him for a while but reality popped back into my head and a concentrated throughout the rest of the lesson. After class I placed my equipment into my bag and left suddenly I felt this pull at my left arm IT WAS HIM!!.

I panicked and then he said 'Hi my name is Dave'

I replied breathlessly with 'Hi my name is Sienna'

'Thats a very beautiful name you have Sienna it suits you very well'

'Thank you'

'You are also a very beautiful girl'

'Thank you and you are also a very handsome man'

'Thank you he replied '

I started to panics thinking that this was all a joke ,a cruel trick that he and his mates were tricking on me,but he didn't seem like that sort of person and he don't have that look on his face,his stunningly beautiful face.

From then we carried on are conversation hours became days and days became weeks and we became really good friend we had discovered each other's likes and dislikes ,interests and e.c.t.But I felt deep inside and during all the friendship that I wanted something more than just friends and I had also hoped that he felt the same way.

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