Life can't go on without a beat.


15. No answer

Schuyler's POV

I sat in my apartment fiddling with my new dog. I don't really know if i can be counted as sad or not. Liam and I weren't official, I think. But I truly do wish something was there for me. El had called me.

"Hey are you ok?" "Yea. Why?" "Liam and Niall were smacking faces with extremely hot chicks." "What does that mean to me?" "Well you aren't super thin twigs like them or models to be precise." That's when I lost it. I burst into tears. "I'm so fat I can't even keep a guy for one day!! Why am I so fucking ugly? You, Perrie and those two girls are so pretty."

Niall's POV

I've been thinking over every thing. I just now noticed how much of a jerk I can be. She was new to town and I guess I was dropping some sort of hints? Making her think I truly did want to rush into dating. El now had put the phone on speaker.

"Why am I so fucking ugly?!" She cried through the phone. As soon as I heard that I hightailed it out of there. On my walk, dash thing I called Caroline telling her it was over.

I banged on Schuyler's door. "OPEN UP PLEASE!" I yelled. No answer. 2 more minutes, No Answer. 5 minutes, No answer

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