Life can't go on without a beat.


29. hospital?

I sit there laughing uncontrollably, at him. "Stop laughing, Ouch! Shit!" I look down at the towel an there is blood soaking through. "Holy shit Niall! Get in the car!" "You aren't driving my car." "Yes I am." "No you aren't." "Shut up or bleed out of your penis." He looks at me an climbs in the car. I start the car before he can shut the door. "Hey easy on Wilma, she's my lady." "Wilma? Ok then." I smirk an hit the gas pedal. We are close to the hospital when I hit a speed bump, on purpose. "Ouch, hey I'm bleeding out've my dick, take it easy." I smiled and silenced laughed. "Ok I'm sorry for laughing. But I think it's nice you let me float away for your penis." "Yeah, yeah. Can this car go faster?" "I don't know ask her yourself." 😏. "Ah god!" He winced in pain as I walked in. He was lucky that I'm not some skinny twig. I carry him on my back up to the front desk. The lady looks at me and smiles. "What happened dear?" "He needs urgent care involving his man area." "Ok I'll get a gurney." "Thank you, please hurry!"

I called after her.

"Hey you're good." I said running my fingers through his hair. "Yeah.." He mumbled. The medicine finally kicking in. He was snoring lightly when the doctor came in. "Hello Miss Luv. Was he awake?" "Yes sir, he just fell back asleep though." "Ok good. His tests results weren't good, I'm afraid." "Why? What's wrong?" "I'm afraid that the snake was somewhat poisonous and where he was bit, it has caused some damage." "What do you mean by "damage" " I asked getting more curious. "Mr. Horan may not be able to deliver any more sperm." "So he won't ever be able to have kids?" "I said maybe, we shall all keep him in our hopes and prayers. Please press that blue button when he wakes up. Thank you."

"Ha bloody hell." I say rests my head in my hand leaning forward. Poor Niall. He just was starting to be more appreciative and now this has to happened.

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