Life can't go on without a beat.


5. ass hole.

"C'mon you can ride with me" Liam said. Everyone was already in their cars and they were full. "Here put this on" he said as he handed me a helmet. I put it in and scrunched my skirt up underneath me. He started his bike and we drove off. It seemed so short but was actually 20 minutes. I hoped off his bike and fixed my hair and patted down my outfit

"Sorry we usually don't have extras usually just me and the boys" Niall says while scratching the back of his neck. "It's cool his bike was cool. Made me feel alive." "Told ya" "shut up Liam" harry grumbled. "7 teens please" Niall asked the lady as he handed her his credit card. "Ok but I think you meant 6 teens and 1 man" she said biting her lip trying to be seductive. "Thanks love" Niall said and winked at her and she giggled. I rolled my eyes and scoffed. "What" he asked like he did nothing. "Nothing just had a tickle in my throat." Liam laughed and Niall and I looked at him. "What?" Niall asked. "Nothing " he said. 12 people could fit in one row. So it went zayn on the outside seat. Then Natalie, who was next to liam who was next to me who was next to Niall who was next to Harry.

"Hey can I have a sweetart" "no" "plz" "fine" I finally gave into Niall's begging and passed him some. The movie started. It's been a really good movie so far. The doctor put a needle in his eye and heart and stabbed him and hacked up his arm. I hid in. Niall's shirt for that part. "It's over princess" he whispered. I peeked my head out to realize the movie was over. ( tbh I haven't seen it just needed that scene.) "o" I stood up and stretched. I picked up my trash. "You know you can leave it here the people will get it." Liam said. " I used to work here and people would leave so much trash that I had to pick up so I try to respect the workers a little" they all nodded. The ticket lady was still there and she ran out and handed Niall a piece of paper. "For later" she said and winked. He laughed and watched her butt as she walked away. "Well that's nice." "What?" "Nothing just like how I let you sleep in my bed then you ask me to hang out and then you flirt with that bitch and state at her ass and you don't care about how I feel at all..." "Hey we aren't dating so why should I care" he snapped clearly getting irritated. I was quiet. "Ha, you thought I was bringing you to the movies as my date didn't you?" He laughed and climbed in the car. "Liam can you take me home" I whispered. "Sure thing" I put the helmet back on as we drove off.

When we arrived Liam walked me to my door. "Thanks" I whispered. No problem. He does like you he is just an ass. Here call me if you get lonely" Liam stated handing me his phone . I typed in my number and he texted me. "Bye" I smiled. "Later"

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