Boarding school

Hi! My name is Sydney Strange. Yes, that is my real name. Well anyways I am 16 years old, I have brown hair brown eyes. (I know, boring!) I like to ride horses, drive four wheelers, sing, play my guitar, swim, eat food, hunt, all that good stuff :) I have to move from a small town in Kansas all the way to a freaking boarding London! I am sorta disappointed because I don't want to leave my friends, and no boyfriend (single for life) but it'll probably be fun! I just hope that I end up with a good roomate!


1. Chapter 1

Sydney's P.O.V.

"Sydney is all of your stuff together?!" "Yes mom! I'll take it to the truck." "Ok sweetie thank you." "Uh huh." Well today's the day that I move to London to go to BOARDING SCHOOL. Yea thats right. Away from everything I love, which is here in Kansas. But noooo I have to move to London. And my family is moving to HAWAII for my stepdads job. Even my younger sibling get to go but nope not me, my parents loyal daughter. They want me to "get a better education." At moments like this I wish my dad were here. He died when I was 13. He was hunting and crashed his car. And no body knew because he was alone. It was bad for me. I started cutting, but I don't anymore. I got a pep talk and now I'm good. "SYDNEY TIME TO GO!" "Ok." I grab my carry on or "activity" bag and head to the car. The drive was about 2 hours to get to the airport so I put on my headphones and let the music put me to sleep.........

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