Stained Red (Jason McCann Fanfiction)

Bang bang,he shot me down..bang bang,I hit the ground...bang bang,That awful sound...bang bang, My baby shot me down~ Nancy Sinatra

I was the first person Jason McCann ever shot,I was the first to feel the bullet from his gun.

He was 16..It was a mistake so he says.

A mistake that left me hospitalised for 3 years.

But now I'm back...and I'm plotting my revenge.

He will never live this down,shooting me will be one thing,but being absent for the 3 years that followed was something else.

You will regret the time you ever left me,Jason McCann..I swear to you.

Original work of Shawtyyymane_


14. Jealousy

Jason's POV:

I rubbed the sleep out my eyes as I entered the living room,noticing Bryce laughing with Sienna on the couch in the far corner. 

Don't act phased...

I sniggered as Bryce immediately noticed me,his face turning white as he moved slightly apart from Sienna.

''Morning,bastards.'' I sang,sitting down on the couch where the only space was free,next to Saskia.

''M-Morning'' Bryce mumbled,watching my expression carefully as  I turned to Saskia. 

''Hey.'' I smiled,refraining from biting my lip as I took in her long blonde curled hair cascading down her red slip night dress.

She looked at me in confusion. ''Hi?'' She questioned,gripping her mug of hot cocoa with her red coffin shape nails.

''I'm not gonna bite your head off,Sas.'' I laughed,throwing my arm over her shoulder and anchoring her into my arm. 

I let my impatient eyes wonder over in the direction of Sienna,her eyes shot down to her lap the moment we caught eye contact.

''How did you sleep,Jase?'' Saskia asked sweetly,she's not as bad as I thought.

''Pretty rough.'' I narrowed my eyes at Sienna. ''What about you?''

She bit her lip,placing her hand on my chest. ''Good,you should've came to my room,you would've got a great night sleep.'' Saskia purred,the tip of her nail sending goosebumps up my t-shirt covered chest.

''So,tell me about yourself.'' Sienna shot at Bryce,facing towards him so her figure wasn't directly in front of me anymore.

''Uh-'' Bryce glanced at me. ''I'm 19,dropped out of school at 17..I'm originally from San-''

''Nobody gives a fuck.'' I shot,gripping Saskia's skinny leg as anger coursed through my body. 

''Bro.'' He rolled his eyes. ''Sienna asked me,mind your business.'' 



He had the fucking cheek..

''This is my business.'' I growled,pointing to the timid looking Sienna sat awkwardly on the couch as me and Bryce exchanged angry words.



''She ain't yours bro.'' He reminded me.

''I beg to differ.'' I yawned,glancing a look at Saskia as she huffed next to me,pushing my hand off her thigh.



''No you're not Jason! I don't belong to anyone,I could kiss anyone in this house if I wanted don't fucking own me!'' Sienna hissed,shooting daggers at my unbothered appearance.

''I dare you to,Sienna.'' This was comical,she really thought she was anyones to kiss?

Sienna took one last look at me before she turned and grabbed Bryces cheeks,kissing him directly on the lips.

My mouth shot open and I immediately pushed Saskia off me,standing up I tried my best to lunge for Bryce but it was very hard balancing on one leg.I felt Saskia's arms wrap around my torso. ''Don't.'' She murmured. ''She's a whore,if she wants to do that shit let her! ill give you the attention you need,Jason.'' She whispered the last bit in my ear.

I thought about it for a second,what Si just did hurt do I hurt her back or beat the shit out of Bryce for touching her.

Before I could even fathom what I was doing,I turned around and grabbed Saskia,pulling her into me as I attacked her face with kisses.

I knew Bryce was shocked I didn't beat him to pulp,but don't worry that was coming later.

I didn't even know if Sienna would be upset with me kissing Saskia,who am I kidding? she's told me countless of times that she doesn't wanna be with me and she won't forgive me...I'm only getting myself into more shit kissing this whore. 

I pulled away and wiped off the smudged red lipstick from around my mouth,I turned around but to my dismay Sienna was nowhere in sight. 

''Where did she go?'' I asked Bryce frantically.

He shook his head. ''You're such an asshole.''

I advanced on him,he briefly began to walk backwards as I limped closer. ''You're lucky I didn't fuck you up right there,Bryce.'' I sneered. ''You have 2 seconds to tell me where she is before I break both your legs.''


''S-She went upstairs.'' He shot,shielding his body away from my fist that I taunted him with. 

I pushed away from him,dodging Saskia's attempt at grabbing me. I bounded into the lift and pressed the button to my floor.

My leg was thumping uncomfortably at how I hadn't walked on it in a few days. The lift dinged and I limped down the corridor,checking every room briefly on the way before I reached my room. 

I could hear small sniffles coming from the panic room,I silently crept up to the door,noticing that somehow she had found the key pad and opened up the door with a password. 


I entered the code in the pad and the door silently slid open,showcasing Sienna curled up in the corner.

Something inside of me dropped and I rushed in,shutting the door behind me swiftly.

''Si..'' I started,lowering myself to the ground without bending my bad leg. 

I placed my hand on her shoulder and she immediately moved away,trying her hardest to scoot away from me. 

''I can't believe you.'' She shot,finally looking up at me with her watery eyes. 

I fell silent,scared that If I spoke I'd say something I would later regret.

''I dont understand.'' I sighed,running my hands through my hair as I stared intently into her eyes. ''One moment you act like you give a fuck Sienna,and the next...It's-it's like I'm dead to you.'' I felt the break in my voice as I tried my hardest to keep it together.

''You are.'' She growled,tears splashing down her cheeks.

''Then why are you sat in here crying?''

She fell silent,shaking her head as she lowered her head into her hands. ''I can't do this.'' She spluttered.

''Yes you can.'' I wiped away a tear that threatened to leave my eye abruptly,thankful that Sienna hadn't noticed. I reached out and grabbed her shaking hands,holding them in mine as I turned towards her.

I suddenly started laughing. ''If the boys knew I was sat in here like this right now they would never consider me intimidating anymore.'' I looked over at her confused eyes. ''What have you done to me,Sienna?'' I asked,a small smile tugging on my lip as she tried to hide her smile.

Her smile soon faded as she noticed the red lipstick on my chin. ''Why did you do that.'' She shot,leaning forwards and rubbing off the lipstick on my chin roughly,her lip quivering again as she looked anywhere but my eyes.

''I could ask you the same damn thing!'' 

''I was angry.'' She sighed,wrapping her arms around her legs as she rocked silently.



''I-I don't know.'' She sighed. ''You don't let me do anything! I wanted to show you that you don't own me.''

''By kissing that bastard?'' I growled,trying my hardest not to go off my shit on the fragile girl beside me.


''That fucking hurt,Sienna.'' I sighed,suddenly feeling those tears creeping back. 

''And you don't think it hurt me seeing you kiss that bitch?!'' She shot back,immediately regretting it as a look of worry shot over her glazed eyes. ''L-Let me out.'' She pleaded,standing up and jiggling the doorknob desperately.

I couldn't help a smile form on my plump lips as I replayed what she had just said in my head.

She was jealous...

Sienna's POV:


I couldn't believe that slipped my mouth..

''LET ME OUT!'' I screamed,wanting nothing more than to get out of this room with him.

I felt his hot breath travel across my shoulders from behind,making me jump. ''I think you forgot that this is my floor,no one comes up here unless I say other wise.'' I felt his fingers tangle in the ends of my hair lightly as he leaned over my shoulder. ''These walls are also soundproof,scream all you want but it won't change what you just said.'' 

I turned around and slammed by body into the door,catching Jason off guard as he stumbled back slightly. ''I didn't mean what I said.'' I hissed,trying desperately for him to believe something that wasn't true.

''Yes you did.'' He shot back,his arms resting on the door behind me as he took a small step closer. ''Just face it! you were jealous.'' He grinned smugly.

I scoffed,absolutely raging with what he had the audacity to say. ''No I was not!'' 

''Yes you are,Sienna.'' He paused,bringing his face down to my ear. ''It's not good to lie.''

''You can't say anything! Are you fucking kidding me right now? you got all up in her shit right there in the living room! are you not embarrassed? I mean y'all were playing tonsil hockey right in front of m-'' I couldn't speak anymore,Jason's lips were firmly placed on mine,stopping me from doing so.

I found myself kissing back for some stupid reason,and as seconds passed the kiss began to intensify.

His hungry lips entwined with mine,small moans escaping his needy lips as his body pressed up against mine.

My arms snaked around his shoulders as he squeezed my leg,indicating for me to jump.

He caught me mid jump and immediately pushed me up against the wall,hungrily pulling away from my lips before attacking my jaw and neck.

I had never felt more confused in my whole life.

The scent of his cologne wavered around the room and sent me into a frenzy,as he continued to push me harder up against the wall. 

I suddenly grabbed his jaw and made him look at me,this was a bad decision as his eyes were hazed over in lust and his breathing was erratic,his swollen lips twitched as his face scanned mine. 

''Theres no need to be jealous.'' He breathed,watching my lips slightly as he got distracted. ''I'm all yours.''

I rolled my eyes. ''Thats not what she thinks.'' I blurted,referring to Saskia. 

He shook his head,laughing slightly as he took in my appearance,his fingers rubbing my hips as his forehead touched mine. ''She's got nothing on you,I mean that.'' He began to inch closer to my lips,blowing his fresh breath all over my face. ''I've never felt this way when kissing a girl before.'' He murmured,before pressing his lips back into mine,so slowly and sensually that I felt myself twitch in places I've never twitched before.

Jason depend the kiss,wrapping his arms tightly around my back as he pushed us off against the wall,I was sat comfortably on top of his hips as he walked backward slowly,hitting the stacked shelf behind him.  

I giggled against his lips,the way his embrace felt around me was indescribable,it sent shivers all over my body,

''You gotta watch that leg of yours.'' I giggled,watching him mutter a string of curse words once he knocked it on something.

His face instantly softened and he stuck his tongue out at me. ''Take the pain away.'' He teased,pouting his lip as he set me down.

I unwrapped my arms from around his neck. ''I think thats enough for today.'' I bit my lip,turning around and trying to open the door,hiding my grin in the process.

''I can never get enough of you.'' He purred,snaking his hand around my hip and rubbing it as he entered the code to let us out the room. I looked up at him,he seemed..different.

The dark in his eyes was nowhere to be seen,he resembled 16 year old Jase so much right now and it made me so sad.

He was so innocent,what the fuck happened? where did everything go wrong for him?

My smile dropped and I sat on the edge of Jason's bed. ''What happened to you?'' I blurted,searching his eyes like they would give me the answers. His whole appearance had changed,his floppy golden brown hair had been swapped for a styled quiff,his cute dog tag was replaced with chains..his purple Supras turned into Black and Gold ones..he was completely different.

''Nows not the time Sienna.'' He sighed,sitting down beside me as he slung an arm over my shoulder.


''When is the time Jason? When are you going to talk about what happened? we both know you aren't the same as you were when you were 16,the 16 year old Jase I adored so much.'' I whispered sadly,watching his face drop.

Who corrupted my Jase?Who turned him into a monster?



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