The smirk

There's nothing much too say except that Harry styles is sooo flirtatious, cute, convincing and charming......... That sometimes he can be heartbreaking.......


1. The Chat

Tanya was 18 and was just finishing her lunch at Jimmy's world grill in the O2 with her girlfriends. They laughed historically while walking out, holding their bellies as they had a stitch.

"What were u thinking Tanya ?" Katie chuckled.

"Calm down I was just enjoying myself!" She replied smiling.

"Having fun includes getting drunk and rapping karioake??" Georgia confused and looked like she was about to cry of laughter.

They were all looking at Katie's iPhone. someone had posted on face book when Tanya accidentally puked on a man below her when standing on a stage, drunk singing.

" Ha ha ha" Tanya faked laughed along sarcastically.

By the time they got in the car they decided to let the humiliated Tanya drive as she was the most sober.

After a couple of minutes, Katie and Georgia were asleep. In fact when they reached home the girls were still sleeping. The driver then thought to let her friends stay over for the night as she wasn't prepared to let them go home sleepy and a bit loopy from the alcohol.

Tanya finally got the two of them to get up to be in her house which she still shared with her parents. But they seemed to be on a business trip to Singapore.

After putting Kate and Georgia to bed like 5 year olds, she came downstairs and felt like lying down on the couch for a while until she felt sleepy. She checked her Facebook account for any updates and texted everyone in her contacts hoping for a reply even though it was 12:30 at night. She was messing around soon later and searched in names she could talk to. She was pretty sleepy now and most if her actions weren't controlled.

"Oooooh! I know let's ping........HARRY STYLES!"

To Harry styles

Hey! Do u even get it when people fake being a real person??"

From Tanya

It wasn't long after she received a message and starting talking......

To Tanya

No I think it's really stupid!

From Harry styles

To Harry styles

Well why r u pretending then idiot u said ur self it's stupid!

From Tanya

To Tanya

U wanna know why?

From Harry styles

To Harry styles

Yeh I wanna know...

From Tanya

She was reading her text messages out loud.

"To Tanya....... From Harry styles."

She heard thumping down the stairs and saw two figures appear best to her. She was no longer sleepy.

"Did you say Harry styles? " Georgia asked impatiently

" pppft!! No! " she replied

"Then why are u texting him? " Georgia asked again.

"It's not him it's one of those guys who pretend just to chat with girls dumbo!" She replied


To Tanya

Because i am the real Harry styles. Look..


From. Harry styles

There was a picture with Harry styles the really one grinning at the camera next to his phone showing the screenshot of their chat............

AUTHORS NOTE: hi guys this is my first time trying to write a book pls comment on the first chapter. Pls give a rating out if ten. I will then decide if I should continue the book.

Thx my lovely chocolate buttons!!!


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