Keep Quiet

"Just talk to me." All he does is ignore me and walk away. "Harry please!!!" "HAR-AHHHHH" BOOM a sharp pain and I black out.

Harry: "W-what did I do?"


1. Introduction


*beep beep beep* My alarm clock went off. I've been having this same nightmare ever since I was 13 and I don't know how much more I can deal with it. I flung my legs off my bed and plopped on to the floor since my legs happened to fell asleep. I got back up and walked to my bathroom. I stripped down and got in the shower letting the nice warm cold water hit my back. I can't take heat that well so I like the water a little bit cold. After 10 mins of getting clean I got out, dried off and picked out an outfit to wear for school. Oops I'm sorry let me introduce myself. My name is Celest. I'm 18 years old and I go to WolfHills High. My birthday is December 19.i have brown straight poofy hair. I have brown eyes and a dimple that sometimes appears on my right cheek. I'm 5'6. My favorite colors are purple and silver. I love pandas and dolphins. I live with my mom. My dad.... He left us 6 years ago and everything seems better now. I love to sing it's my passion and to add on music is my life. My only friend is Allison. She is like a sister to me I don't know what I would do without her. She also has a boyfriend his name is Zayn.

I walked to the kitchen to grab me a pop tart. I'm guessing my mom left for work already since I don't see her car. I get into my car and drive off to pick up Allison.

"Weeeeee" I heard her yell running to the car. "Ally why are you yelling?" I laughed. "It Just Seemed Right" she laughed along. "Shall we be on our way." "Let's move!" She points forward.

We got to school and the first thing I see is Allison jump on Zayn. I laugh at her silliness and walk to my locker. I get my English book out and when I close my locker Niall is there right in front of me. Niall hangs out with Zayn and their other friends Louis Liam and Harry and they as well are my friends. I use to think that I had no other friends but Ally says that I have other friends too and it's the boys. I knew Harry ever since 5th grade. We were best friends but as soon as we got to high school he shunned me. He would talk to me every now and then to ask like if I have paper or something but other than that he won't talk to me no more. Sometimes I catch him looking at me and that just makes things even more weird. To be honest I've a crush on Harry ever since 7th grade I really like him but I never show it. Only Allison knows but she just tells me to ask him out and to stop living the single life haha. My thoughts are interrupted by Niall.

"Celest did you hear me?" He whined

"Yes Honey BooBoo I heard you haha." I lied.

"Then what did I say sweet child?" He smirked.

"Uhh I'm Hungry!" I guessed.

"Ok good so you did hear me." He laughed. Wow I was right. SCORE! Niall is like a brother to me and so is Louis. And speaking of Louis that's when I see him running in the halls yelling 'BUT I WANT THE CARROTS!!!' And Liam following in the back chasing him saying, 'Lou that's my snack give it back.' Me and Niall start to laugh and next thing you know Louis jumps on me.

" Hey Celest want a carrot?" He smiles.

"Louis stop offering people MY food and remember Celest doesn't like carrots." He laughs.

"Oh yeah....peasant!" He yells whisper.

"I heard that little Lou Lou." I giggle.

"Good. Niall Celest let's go to class yeah."

"Alright let's go but don't do anything stupid." Niall laughs.

"NO PROMISES!!!!" Louis yells while running off with his hands in the air. I Love These Boys.

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