GoGo: A Wreck-It Ralph One-Shot

She didn't ask to be a scrapped character, so why is everyone so against her? Everyone, that is, except for a young teenager in another dimension.


1. GoGo

She was a mute singer.

She had been scrapped from the movie.

She had been taken out before she had a voice.

She had been taken out before she even had a final design.

She didn't ask for this.

But every other Wreck-It Ralph character treated her differently. Heck, every character in all of Disney treated her differently. Because she was an anomaly.

She was even treated differently from the other scrapped characters. Bobby Dunderson had a voice. DJ Licious Waferhead was adorable, as was Cornelius Cobb . . . and they were given unofficial voices by random teenagers that liked podcasts. Seth and Bella were their names. As for Skittles the UniCandyCorn, he didn't need a voice, because he was an animal.

Why the Big Mouse had decided to go with the kids' voices was a mystery anyway.

And Lady Gogo had to communicate via sign language. Assuming anyone would even stop by the Wheelhouse. Bobby Dunderson was the only one that ever did anyway, and he was as his name suggested - a dunderhead. She suspected he was interested in her, which was to be expected with a design like the one she used.

Purple skin, blonde hair, and a rather attractive shape. Thick eyelashes, pouty lips a few shades darker than her usual skin. Yes, she was sexy, maybe even beautiful. That was all she had going for her . . . besides personality, and that never amounted to anything.

"Lady GoGo! Bramigaaaa!"

Oh, no.

The soldier-slash-slacker ran into the Wheelhouse, an ecstatic smile plastered across his face. GoGo groaned inwardly but, to be polite, she turned to Bobby.

'Can I help you?' She signed.

"Ya know those teenagers that gave Licious and Cornelius non-canon voices?"

GoGo sighed. Not this again. 'If you're only here to rub it in my face -'

"No, bramiga! There was apparently a third, but she was sick the day of the recording! Mickey wants to see you immediately."

She didn't even have to use sign language. Bobby continued anyway. "If it fits, you're getting a voice!"

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