Him! An ed sheeran story

This story/fanfict is about a 16 year old girl and her sister wantig to meet ed


1. Intoduction💪

Hi!, im carly! This story/fanfict is all about me meeting ed sheeran or at least hoping i do, ever since ed became a artist i fell in love with him the words in all his songs go straight to my heart o feel as him hes singing the directly at me but of course hes not; im 14 i live with my mum and my older sister chloe who is 19 nearer ed's age lucky b...ch? She also dreams of meeting ed! Her and ed have endless chats on twitter dm, but ahea selfish and wont ask him to follow me! They have never met but i think there fallin in love💔

I will try and update the first part of the fanficton very soon?

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