Golf Widow

Jennifer marries Greek businessman Stavros Papadopoulos. Stavros is a golf enthusiast who will do anything to play a round of golf with his buddies. Jennifer finds herself in the stifling relationship until she has an illicit tryst with sexy neighbor William French, a hunky Hollywood actor. William is gorgeous, sexy and a bit overwhelming. He's the lead man on a new series called Blue Moon. The next day William is found dead and all of Hollywood speculates on who could have killed him…..


1. Chapter 1


Golf Widow


Jennifer watched Stavros back his black BMW out of the driveway. It was Thursday afternoon, prime golf time. He had all his golf gear packed up, his set of Titleist clubs, his Nike driver, 20XI balls and a brand new golf glove. He would be gone until dark. She sighed a sigh of relief.


Gone were the days when she rode alongside him, being his caddy. “Which iron do you think Kukla?” Kukla was his pet name for her. It meant “doll” in Greek. “The nine or the wedge?” Go for the nine, who cares, she thought. Jennifer could care less about golf, but Stavros was so passionate about it. She could not deny him his precious time on the golf course. He was almost fanatical about playing.


This was her time, playtime. Maybe she would go shopping. Maybe look for something on sale, another bauble for her healthy closet. She cherished her precious time at the mall. It was the only free time she had to herself. Stavros was so possessive. He needed her in a bad way, an almost childlike urgency for all her attention.


They had met in Greece, while she was on vacation with her girlfriends Val and Melanie. Stavros was a short, muscular, swarthy man and had charmed her with his sexy, charming ways at the resort where they had met. They spent their time talking and walking through the village at night, feasting on fresh seafood and Greek delicacies. They had a tumultuous, highly charged, long distance relationship for six months before he came to the United States and eventually married. Now he depended

on her for everything. It was tiring at times but good to be needed so desperately. She wondered if Greek women were used to having such demanding husbands. But she was tired of being single, going on pointless dates from and meeting total losers. She had almost given up hope on ever finding love again before meeting Stavros.


Stavros loved golf. It was the one thing he did alone now. He was making some golf buddies, slowly. His English was still broken, but not bad. The Florida good old boys were taking their time accepting him into their circles. Sunny Florida was his new home away from sunny Greece. He loved the beach and the nightlife here. He tried hard to become a good American in every way.


Jennifer opened the door and walked outside down the long driveway of their home. It was a villa style home close to the intra coastal. She could see the neighbors’ car in the driveway next door. He was home. William was an actor who divided his time between Los Angeles and Florida. He has been in a lot of films, doing small roles. She had never really seen him act, but was impressed that he actually made a living at it. He was rather aloof and kept to himself most of the time. She could hear water splashing from his pool, maybe he had company. She would peek through the fence after she got the mail.


The mail was the mundane usual. There were bills, bills, bills, ads and a Newsweek magazine from a subscription she didn’t order. There was an ad for a new salon with a twenty percent discount on all services. She would have to save that for later. She definitely needed her nails done. Maybe even a pedicure, if the price was right. Thank God for coupons.


She walked to the back of the house and heard the splashing from next door. She peeked through the fence crack. William was lying naked in the pool on a floaty while a teenage girl was splashing around him. His chest was bronzed in suntan oil and his large penis was flaccid. The girl was teasing him. She quietly watched their antics.


The girl did a shark maneuver and pushed William off his floaty. Jennifer got a good view of his white ass as he fell in the pool. He grabbed her and threw her into the water. She clung to him and they began to kiss. Jennifer stood transfixed and amazed at the intensity of their embrace. She felt hot and aroused. She couldn’t decide whether to stop watching or stay put. She opted to stay. William was now sporting a dazzling boner and carried the girl out of the pool and into the house. Drat! The show was over. She now had a little more data on the reclusive film star. If she were a real snoop she could have recorded it all on her phone, but that wasn’t her style. She wasn’t a tattler to the rags. She wouldn’t mention it to Stavros who was leery of William anyway, it would make him crazy with jealousy.


She went inside the house and stripped off her clothes and turned on the shower. She stood under the cool water, washed her hair and thought of her neighbors. It was interesting to peer into people’s private lives. You never really knew what was going on with anybody until you saw it for yourself and even then it was hard to believe.


Jennifer decided to go shopping. When in doubt, spend money, it always made you feel better. She searched through her closet and put on her form fitting Ralph Lauren Polo jeans, a white T and some sandals. She checked herself out in the mirror, not bad for 40. What was the new 40 now? 25? (That might not fly.)


She put the top down in her Mustang convertible and cranked up some Elton John tunes on the stereo. It was a perfect day, might as well be seen. That made her feel younger, her long hair flying in the wind and the sun on her face. She thought about life with Stavros. He was a good husband, a loyal family man. She felt safe and secure, yet somehow she now felt like she was owned. Stavros was so possessive of her. It was a luxury just to shop alone. She was beginning to feel a bit stifled. She pulled into a great parking spot right in front of Macy’s. She opened the door. The air conditioning hit her face, cooling her body and the scent of fragrances filled the air, the unmistakable scent of “new” merchandise.


Jennifer wandered into the Polo section. She adored Ralph Lauren. There was a rack of brightly colored men’s shirts. She picked out a bright pink shirt with a Polo emblem on it for Stavros. There were some dresses there. She found a lovely bright red strapless sundress and a wide brimmed straw hat. She took the items to a dressing room. She undressed carefully and gazed at her body in the mirror. She had about 20 pounds to lose before she would be perfect again. A little belly fat had accumulated on her stomach and some weight on her thighs. She needed to work out.


The red sundress was dazzling on, she would take it, along with the pink shirt for Stavros. It would be gorgeous with his dark hair and dark eyes. She thought of William again in the pool earlier today. The image lingered in her mind. Lust was what was missing from her life. Animal lust, raw, pure sex. Of course Stavros was passionate but predictable. But that was her life and she intended to keep it that way.


She paid for the clothes at the register and went into housewares. She walked past the glassware and china, past decorator plates in a Majorca pattern to a display of a large bed with a white, crisp duvet and fluffy white goose down pillows on it. She touched the duvet, it felt soft and slightly textured. She got one off the shelf and took it to the register. It felt so good to be free and just to focus on her desires for once.


It was getting late, almost seven. Time to head home. She walked out to the car with her arms full of packages. She drove past the Barnes and Nobles, past the strip malls, past the country clubs and pulled into the driveway.


William was in his driveway washing his truck and talking on his cell phone.


“Hi there.” he said, hanging up. He smiled a gorgeous white toothed smile.


“Welcome back.” she said.


“Just got in two days ago. I’ve been working on a new series.”


“Really? A series? What’s it called?”


“Blue Moon. It’s kind of like an updated Miami Vice thing only set in LA. I play Drake, a villain on the show.”


“I never heard of it.”


“It’s new. The networks are all over it.”


“That’s great!”


“How’s Stavros?”


“He’s fine, out golfing….”


“Lucky him.”


“Yes, he adores golf.”


“Do you play?”


“Not much, I’m a lousy golfer.”


“Me neither. I suck at golf. Never had the head for it. I am a big Tiger Woods fan though.”


Jennifer pondered that statement. Did he see himself like a serial Casanova also?


“So you in town for long?”


“Just a week, then we go back to shooting.” He said casually.




Jennifer stared at the hairs on his chest in his wide-open white linen shirt. She couldn’t get the image of the girl out of her mind. She hoped she wasn’t blushing. William was the exact opposite of Stavros. All American, blonde, liberal, carefree, cocky and yet strangely inviting. She pushed the thought from her mind.


“Well, I better get in and get dinner started.”


“Good to see you again Jennifer.”


“You too.”


She awkwardly gathered up her packages and opened the front door. Stavros returned from golf in a good mood. He put his golf clubs in the corner of the kitchen.


“Kukla, I missed you.” he said, giving her a kiss on the cheek.


“I missed you too honey. How was your game?”


“Today I played a man, his name was Jamie. He played good but I beat him.”




“You know, I beat him and he says he wants to play again. Crazy Americans.”


“So? Are you going to?”


“Sure, I play him. I like to win.”


Stavros opened the refrigerator and poured himself a glass of  his white wine. He also made wines in Greece as a hobby. Jennifer laid out the French bread, feta cheese and Kalamata olives he liked to eat before dinner.


“So what did you do while I played golf?”


“I shopped.”


“What did you buy Kukla?”


“I bought a dress for me and a shirt for you….And a lovely bed cover.”


“Why don’t you come golfing with me anymore?”


“Just taking a break…besides, I can’t fit in your cart.” she was making excuses now.


“We find room for you.”


“Ok honey…”


She watched him eat his food. He was such a simple man in so many ways….


It was a lazy Sunday morning. Jennifer fixed up some breakfast. She had just been shopping at Wal-Mart earlier and stocked up on eggs, bacon, cantaloupe, strawberries and whole-wheat toast. She liked shopping at Wal-Mart in the warehouse atmosphere. It was good to save on food and supplies. More and more retailers were cutting back and no frills stores were popping up everywhere.


Stavros was still in bed sleeping underneath the new duvet. She fixed the eggs, making them scrambled and slightly runny and the bacon sizzled in the pan. Stavros liked his big American breakfasts.


Her cell phone rang. It was her mother calling.


“Hello dear….” her mothers voice was nasal and scratchy. Her mother lived across town in a 55+ community.


“Hi Mother.”


“What are you two lovebirds doing? I hope I’m not interrupting you.”


“Just making bacon and eggs.”she retorted.


“Sounds good…I need to talk to you dear…I’m going away for a week and I need you to watch Sammy for me.” Sammy was her mothers Shitsu puppy.


“Ok Mom, where are you going?”


“Las Vegas.”




“Yes, I’m afraid so, the girls from the bridge club convinced me to go.”


“That’s great Mom.  Where are you staying?”


“Ceasars Palace.”


When do you want me to pick Sammy up?”


“How about tomorrow morning?”


“Ok, I’ll be there.”


“How’s Mr. Stavros?”


“He’s fine, just resting.”


Just then Stavros came up behind her and put his arms around her. “Shhhhh…I’m on the phone with Mother….”she whispered.


He grabbed a breast and squeezed hard.


“Not now!” She whispered to him and slapped his hand away. He slunk away like a bad boy.


 “Ok Mother. I’ll see you tomorrow. I love you too.”


Stavros embraced her and ground his hips into hers. He was such an animal in the mornings.


“Lets eat!” she announced.


“Ok Kukla.”


They dug into their food. She poured him a cup of coffee.


“You know, last night I had the strangest dream. I was running down a dark road and was being chased by the cops. You were waiting for me in a car and we took off, lost the cops.”


“Yes, don’t worry, I will always save you from trouble. You are my life.”


“You’re the best sweetie. I love you.”


She kissed him.


“So today is Melanie’s birthday party at The Deck...You don’t mind coming with me do you?”


“Ok…If she is a friend of yours we go and celebrate.”


“I bought her a gift and a cute card.”


“Ok, we go.”


The Deck was a swanky restaurant on the intra coastal with yachts docked on the outside. The inside was an eclectic mix with stone floors, stained wood, abstract art paintings and large screen TV’s placed strategically. Jennifer and Stavros found their way to the bar where some of Melanie’s friends were hanging out.


“Jen! Good to see you! And this must be Stavros…. I’m Val. Nice to meet you.” she extended her hand.


“Nice to meet you Val.” said Stavros.


Val was one of Jennifer’s peripheral friends, a large, loud woman with brightened white teeth, ultra fresh breath and red hair. She and Jennifer were friends on Face Book but not so much in real life. Val was a real gossip hound. She knew everybody’s business.


“I love this place, but the service sucks.”


“Yes, it’s the bomb. You’re just kidding right, about the service?”


“ Right, just yoking…….What are you drinking Jen?”


“I’ll take a Rum Runner please.”


“And you Stavros?”


“Beer. Heineken please.” Val ordered them drinks from the bartender.

“So let me tell you the 411 on Melanie. She’s met this new guy; he’s a banker for Suisse bank. They are travelling to Italy this summer for two weeks. She says he is the perfect catch. She’s really gaga over him.”


“Wow, that’s totally awesome.”


“Yes, and she thinks this guy is the one. He’s very serious. He’s crazy about her. Wait until you meet him.”

“Where is Melanie by the way?”


“She’s on her way, just texted me.”


More and more people arrived and finally Melanie walked in with Charles the banker. They did make a stunning couple, both blondes, both tall and lanky. Melanie was clad head to toe in a pale yellow silk outfit and Charles was wearing a Hawaiian shirt, white linen pants and loafers.


She kissed Jennifer. “Jen! Stavros!”


Stavros gave her a kiss on the cheek.


“This is for you! Happy Birthday!” Jen handed her the gift wrapped in purple tissue paper.


“Oh my goodness! You shouldn’t have!”


“I did.”


“Thank you both.”


The waiter brought out a birthday cake with sparklers on it and they all sang “Happy Birthday.” Jennifer held Stavros hand. Melanie opened up their gift. It was an antique clock, intricately carved out of wood and painted with small humming birds in vibrant colors.


“I love it!” said Melanie “Thank you guys!” she kissed Jennifer and Stavros.


“Thank Jennifer, she has the good taste. I would have given you a jar of olives from my farm in Greece.”


“I love olives!” She laughed.


They made their way home from the party. As they drove past Williams house Jennifer noticed there was a car in the driveway parked next to his. She wondered if the girl was back again. They unlocked the door and stepped inside the house.


“Lets lie down…. I am tired.” said Stavros.




They lay down on the bed and he stroked her hair.


“I love you…..”


“I love you too.”


“Come here.”


He pulled her close and began to kiss her breasts. He unbuckled his pants and thrust his penis into her roughly. Stavros was not great with foreplay, he liked to get right to the point. Jennifer lay back and revisited the pool scene in her mind and climaxed thinking of William and the girl.

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