Bullied but Saved.

Catalina Salazar moves to town. But the high school isn't as nice as she thought it would be. They go as far as almost killing her. But Liam swoops in and saves her just before she thinks it's all over.


4. Boys

Liam stood up and held his hand out to me. I looked at it unsure of wether or not to grab it. But in the timeless state of confusion I took it with certainty. Liam's smile was priceless. Beautiful in fact. He gently pulled me into the living room and sat down, pulling me with him. I ended up halfway on his lap. Nerves shot through me like crazy. "Go! Go! NO!" Niall yelled as Harry murdered him in the racing video game. "Catalina, do you want to play?" Niall thrusted out the remote to me. I stared at him in amazement. "S-sure." I grabbed the remote. It felt cold and heavy in my hands. My eyes began glued to the tv screen. Red lights appeared as the count down began. Harry chuckled as the count down hit 1. I held down B and moved my stick so I wouldn't crash. Harry swerved into me but I was too fast. My car picked up speed and flew down the streets. "WHAT?!" Niall jumped up and gawked at the screen. I was three laps ahead of Harry. Liam chuckled as I drove through the finish line and into roaring victory. I giggled as Zayn, Louis, Niall, and Liam were thrown into laughing fits as Harry stared at me with his mouth wide open. "A girls gotta learn sometime." I shrugged and handed the remote back to Niall. Liam grabbed my waist and pulled me ontop of him. He left soft gentle kisses all over my face. "Ima get some snacks! Cat, come with?" Niall jumped up and grabbed his keys. "Uh sure." I slowly stood up and fixed my hair. Niall lead me outside to a baby blue mustang. "Nice." I whistled. "You like?" He patted the roof. I gave him a slight nod. "I'll get you one." He winked. "What? No." I hoped into the passenger seat.


She sat quietly in the passenger seat as I loudly sang along with the radio. The sun shone on her making her eyes pop out. Her hair blew in the wind. God, she's breathtaking. There's no beauty like her's. "So, are you and Liam a thing?" I could hear my voice quiver. "I'm not sure." She glanced at me and gave me a gentle smile. She's an angel. But anyone with eyes can see her bruises and pain. "Cat?" I began as we pulled up to Mickey D's. (McDonald's.) "Yeah?" She slumped in her seat and rolled down her window even more. "I...." I was cut off by the cashier. "Welcome to McDonald's. How can I take your order?" The women spoke in a cheery tone. "Six hot and spicys, six double cheeseburgers, six large fries, and six large mcflurys." I spoke in a deep tone. "Would that be all?" I glanced at Catalina but she was staring out the window. "Yes ma'am."


The ride back was uncomfortable. He wouldn't talk and the car smelt like fries. I had to hold the ice cream so it wouldn't fall. "Ima get the door." Niall ran to the front door as I juggled the food and the ice cream. Liam ran outside and took the food from me. Leaving a small kiss on my cheek.

I walked down the hallway and into my room. Where I found all of the boys crowded around my computer screen. "What are you guys doing?" I shook with fear. "You sing?" Niall turned and gave me a questioned look. "No." I looked down at my hands. "You liar!" Niall and Liam jumped up and cleared the space for me. "Your video from last night got over 5 thousand views!" Zayn smiled at me. Happiness swept over me! Their kidding right?! I looked at the viewers and to my belief they were right. 5 thousand views? Wow.

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