Bullied but Saved.

Catalina Salazar moves to town. But the high school isn't as nice as she thought it would be. They go as far as almost killing her. But Liam swoops in and saves her just before she thinks it's all over.


1. New School, Freshman.

I quickly walked through the halls with my head down. My math class was on the other side of the campus. This school is bigger than my old one. Without warning I feel metal slam into my shoulder. I looked up from where I fell and saw that a blonde had pushed me into a locker. Pain shot throughout my arm. I cursed under my breath and almost ran to my class. I walked in as the math teacher was in the middle of a sentence. "Oh well nice for you to join us, Miss.....?" The teacher looked down at his clipboard. "Catalina Salazar." I said just loud enough for him to hear. He nodded and told me to sit in front of a blonde boy. I quickly sat down without a word. "Hey, I'm Niall." The boy behind me whispered. I ignored him and didn't bother to turn around. It looks like there's more upperclassmen in here than there is Freshman. I pulled my hoodie up over my head and watched the clock tick. The teacher's voice was drown out by the sound of the bell. I hopped up and began my journey to my next class. Which I have no clue what it is. I pulled out my schedule and it told me that I have Art which is in building D. I raced time as I tried to find building D. "Hey! Wait up!" I heard the blonde call out. Oh, I so hope that it isn't for me. I felt cold eyes burn into me from everyone I past. "Hey!" The blonde tried to catch his breath as he caught up to me. I glanced at him from the corner of my eye but kept my pace. "Can I see?" He pointed to my schedule. "You're looking for Building D, right? Art?" He asked as I took back my schedule. I nodded without looking at him. "You have class with my friend Zayn. It's actually behind us." He chuckled the last part. I stopped in my tracks and turned around. "Thanks." I grumbled. "Oh no problem. I like your hair by the way. I think it's unique." I heard the smile in his voice but I don't turn to see it. Seconds later he went off in his direction to his class. The building looked like the smallest from all the rest. I walked into the room drenched with paint. "Catalina?" A boy said my name. I froze. "Um, Niall told me that you're new?" He must be Zayn. I nodded and walked away towards the teacher. The teacher paired me up with some preppy blonde girl who gave me dirty looks most of the period. "Can I help you freak?" She asked as I placed my things down next to her. I ignored her and stared at the teacher. She placed a bowl of paint on the edge of the table. "You're not wanted." Was the last words I heard from her before she threw the paint on me. I jerked back with tears stinging my eyes. The paint drenched the front of my shirt and dripped down my black skinny jeans. I stormed out in full tears. The bathroom was empty so I just took off my shirt and threw on my hoodie. I hope this one doesn't get ruined today. It's the only back up I have... I tried to scrub some of the paint off my jeans but it just smudged. Bright pink doesn't look good on my skinny jeans. I wiped away my remaining tears. I hate new schools. The lunch bell rang which caused me to jump. Three girls came into the bathroom laughing. "Oh there she is! The freak!" One laughed and pointed at me. "Why do you call me that?" I asked. Holy crap I can't believe I just talked back. "Ha! Have you seen yourself?!" The Brunette giggled. "Yes. And I look better than you can ever look." I barked. Where the hell is this coming from?! The blonde who threw the paint at me looked pissed. Her face turned red and her hand flew towards me. I felt her palm connect with my face. Her Hand left a stinging hand print on my face. I pushed past her and ran to the cafeteria. The line wasn't long so I got in it and put my hood up and hoped to God nobody noticed me. I saw Niall and Zayn walk by me. I kept my head down as I grabbed my food. I noticed an empty table in the corner of the wall and window. I rushed over to it and sat down with my back pressed against the wall. I winced as my shoulder touched the wall. I pulled my sleeve down and saw that I had a huge bruise on my shoulder. Great, just great. I sighed and hid my face in my hands, tears soaking my hands. I didn't even touch my food. My first day at a new school and it's already a living hell. I had a full view of the whole cafeteria from where I was sitting. It would be better if people stopped giving me dirty looks. A boy sat in front of me. "So I heard you give good blow jobs? I'll be willing to pay." He winked and my mouth dropped opening in amazement. Where did that come from?! I got up and threw my trash away. "Hey come back." He followed me out into the hall. "Leave me alone." I ordered through clenched teeth. "C'mon baby don't be like that." He grabbed my arm and slammed me into the locker. I winced in pain as he held my elbow at bruise strength. The bell ran for last period and I thank The Lord above. "I'll catch you later." He slammed my head into the locker and I fell to my knees In pain. This school hurts like a bitch. I wiped away a tear and ran to my gym class. The gym was incredibly huge. "Alright get dressed!" The gym teacher ordered. I went into the girls locker room and started to undress. "Let me guess plastic surgery?!" One girl laughed at me. I looked down at my Almost size D boobs and my flat stomach and my good size butt. I never had plastic surgery... I quickly threw on my shorts, tank top, and sneakers. I ran back outside and walked up to the teacher. "You must be Catalina. Just go stand over there for now. We're playing soccer." I nodded and sat down on the bleachers. "Hey Cat!" Niall called out to me. Dammit how many classes do I have with him. I ignored him. A boy named Liam sat down next to me. "Are you alright?" He asked as tears stung my eyes. I shook my head no. He's the first person to ask me that. "What's wrong?" He asked as he wiped a tear away from my blue eyes. I bursted out into tears. Liam wrapped his arms around me and held me as I cried. Why is he being so nice? "Alright team up!" The teacher yelled. "Come on." He rubbed my back and pulled me up. I was the last to be picked on the girls team. I stood near the wall with my arms crossed. "Do something bitch." The same girl from the locker room pushed me into the cement wall. My head bounced off the wall and I fell down. Crap, all I see is black. "Catalina!" I heard Liam yell as I didn't get up. He shook my shoulders trying to get me to open my eyes. I eventually opened my eyes and stood up. "Alright that's game! Get dressed and go home!" The teacher yelled. I pushed Liam away and limped to the locker room. I quickly got dressed and ran outside and began walking home. I shoved my headphones in and blasted my music. Everything was blocked out. A car full of teenagers drove into a puddle next to me and drenched me in dirty water. I sighed and walked faster. I ran up to my front door and just before I unlocked the door I noticed that Liam lived right next to me. He saw me staring at him and I quickly ran in and shut the door behind me. I looked around my house to see if my mom was home. But she wasn't. As usual. She works for the government so she's only home for about three days a month. I sighed and ran a bath for me. The water was hot but it became bloody as I washed my bruises and cuts from today. As I was drying off the door bell rang. "Crap." I bitched. "Be right there!" I yelled down the stairs and threw on some sweats and a sport bra. I looked through the peep hole and saw Liam standing outside. I hestatingly opened the door. "Y-yeah?" I asked as I kept my eyes staring down at the floor. "I didn't know you lived next door. That's cool. Can I come in?" He asked as he ran his hand through his hair. "Uh you can't." I shut the door, locked it, and ran upstairs to my room and climbed into bed. Without thinking about my homework I took some pain meds and pasted out.

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