Endless Love

Not really good at writing blurbs.

Katherine's mom is dating Harry's dad. Katherine and harry don't know eachother. What happens when Harry and his dad moves in with Katherine and her mom?
Will Katherine fall in love with one of Harry's best mates?


1. Chapter 1

Katherine's P.O.V

My mom called me downstairs to meet her boyfriend of almost a year and I've never met him . I don't want to meet him but for my mom I will. I've never seen her this happy ever since my so called dad left us.

Mom talks bout him all the time. She told me that he has a son who's 16 , oh god he's my age. She didn't tell me his name. But she told me that her boyfriend's name is David.

I went downstairs to see my mom and her boyfriend kissing. Eww that's the most disgusting thing I've ever seen. I cleared my throat trying to get attention. They both turned and faced me. "Hi I'm David" he said sticking out his hand for me to shake it. I smiled and shook it "and I'm Katherine" I replied politely.

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