I Like It

"I like bad boys" I whispered seductively.
He raised an eyebrow at me and smirked.
He grabbed my waist and moved it, left to right, to the tune of the music.
"Mmm" he moaned in the crook of my neck.
"How about we order a room?" I asked, trailing my fingers up his chest.


1. Chapter 1

~~Jade P.O.V

"You never bought me flowers" that song was playing over and over again inside my head as I watched Perrie's boyfriend and his mates. She was ready for her date with Zayn. We sat in their studio as they finished up practicing "Midnight Memories." Perrie clapped excitedly and I just clapped slow and boringly. "YAY!" Perrie shouted. I rolled my eyes. Zayn smiled. Perrie grinned. I pulled my phone out to check the time. 7:43pm. I looked back to Perrie who was snogging with Zayn. "Hey lovebirds, save it for the date" I growled. Perrie released and glared at me. "What is your problem? You've been grouchy all fucking day" she said. I raised my eyebrows. "It's none of your business" I said. There was something wrong. I just got out of a break up. Perrie rolled her eyes and smiled at Zayn. "What about that date?" Zayn smiled. Perrie nodded and Zayn took her hand and led her to the door. "My lady" he said, grinning. Perrie giggled. I am not in the fucking mood right now Perrie. I wasn't even planning to be here. I got up and headed for the door until one of Zayn mates said my name. I think his name's Liam. "Hey Jade" he said. I turned around to face him. I saw his curls. Wait, that's Harry. "Hmm?" I asked. He smiled. "Go get Niall for me" he said, giving me a "pretty, pretty please" look. I rolled my eyes. "Fine. He's blondie right?" I asked. He nodded. I exited the room. Where the fuck did this nigga go? "Niall" I said. I heard an Irish accent coming from across the hall. "Niall?" I asked. I turned the corner to see a blonde boy sitting on the ground sniffling and mumbling to himself. "What's wrong?" I asked, crouching down to face him. "S-She left me" Niall sniffled. "Niall, it's okay" I said, sitting next to him. "No it's not, I cared about her." he said. "Hey to be honest, I got dumped too" I said, trying to hold back the tears. "Really?" he asked, wiping his red eyes. I nodded. I feel a warm liquid slowly drip down my cheek. "He left me for a model" I said. "He doesn't know how pretty you are" Niall said. I blushed and wiped my cheek. "Well, we better go, Harry needs you" I said and Niall nodded. I stood up and held my hand out. He took it and sat up. "Niall, wipe your eyes, you're to handsome to cry" I said. He wiped his eyes and blushed. Okay, so what we flirt? We are just friends. I kissed his cheek and we walked towards the studio. "Just don't tell anyone that I was crying" he said. I nodded. "Why? You are a crybaby" my thoughts said. My thoughts are still angry about the break up. I ignored the thoughts and lead Niall to the studio. "Niall, mate, where have you been?" Harry asked. "Kitchen" I lied. Harry stared at me. "Okay then" he said. "I'm gonna head out" I said. Niall nodded and pulled me in for hug. "Cheer up mate" I whispered in his ear and kissed his cheek. He smiled. I turned around and left.

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