These things I've done

A kellin quinn fanfic


6. Chapter 6

Chapter 6
Emi pov

Emi: heyyyaa bitchesss
I said walking out of the bathroom with a smug look on my face. Kellin had said he was falling in love with me and I wanted to here it out loud and to me. I sat down next to him trying to come off as attractive as possible. 
Vic: well hello there
Bitsy: emi a word.
I stepped out into the kitchen ready for some lecture but all she said was 
Bitsy: finally
Emi: what?
Bitsy: I said finally i mean you and kellin are perfect and I can tell you heard what was going on. I saw someone peaking.
Emi: ok yea so what should I do
I said in almost a whisper making it as soft as possible so kellin or vic didn't hear us.
Bitsy: thats up to you. Just do what you can to make him want to be with you. I can tell he is just scared so some times you might need to make the first move.
Emi: alright let's do this. Oh and bitsy go with vic you guys are perfect together so dont let things ever end badly if you guys have a problem or anything.
Bitsy: gotcha now lets go.
We walked back over to the couch to be with them but they weren't even there. But we heard talking near the front door so we decided to check it out. 
Kellin: hahahah yea thats true.
We snuck over there hearing extreme laughter coming from them.
Emi: OMG ANDY?!?!?
Andy: ....woman? 
We all were cracking up even more.
Emi: like wow i never thought I would meet you!!
Andy: uuuhh kellin who is this?
Vic:this is kellins friend
The words hurt noticing he said friends but I could only see andy right now. I kin of drowned out these sounds but i heard...
Kellin: yea friend
Vic: and this is bitsy my girlfriend
Andy: bitsy like the spider?
Bitsy: dont judge biersack
Andy: feisty I can tell she is Vic's .
We chuckled some more at the stupid comment andy made. Vic and kellin and bitsy walked into the living room to set up some games and movies where as me and andy started to talk
Andy: so what school do you got to?
Emi: same as the rest of them. What about you and your band? 
Andy: same school as you i doubt you knew that. And how old are you?
Emi: wow really !!! I'm 14 almost fifteen in October.
Andy: oooo someone has a birthday coming up. Well I'm a senior so I'm 18.
Emi: i kind of knew that with the whole FANGIRL its biersack thing
Andy: ha ha i still cant believes out know my band and Vic's and kellins.
Oh yea kellin. I should go check on them shouldn't i.
Emi: well we should get over...
Andy: wait. 
I stood there confused as he put his hand on my face and started to play with my hair. 
Andy: since you and kellin aren't dating you would mind if I did this. He went to lean in and i just stood there unaware of what to as he kissed me slightly. He grabbed my hand and walked into the room and quickly let go as kellin gave him a look. I sat down on te floor with the rest of them on the floor getting ready to play never have I ever... Bitsy and andy were next To me and kellin an vic and mike were a crossed from me. I felt an awkward tension between kellin and andy as we started the game
Bitsy: I'll start!!! Ok so never have I ever  bitten another persons toe.
Andy vic and kellin
Mike: thats just low vic. XD
Vic: ok I'll get u on this one mike
Noticing the competition me and bitsy chuckled at this
Vic: never have I ever woke up in a pool with a girl.
Andy and mike
Kellin: wtf guys thats just weird.
Well andy was failing so far 
Next it was kellins turn
Kellin: never have I ever kissed a girl in the last 30 mins.
Vic and andy 
 Vic looked at bitsy and I blushed know andy had kissed me.
Kellin: well then who was it biersack huh?!?!?
Andy: calm the fuck down kellin.
Kellin: no like wtf man why ?!??!
Andy : I cant do whatever I want man because u aren't dating!!!!
Bitsy mike and vic looked extremely confused as I got out my phone and texted the details to them so they understood.
Kellin: what's wrong with you!!?!?!?
Andy grabbed my hand and pulled me out of the room taking me to his car and locking the doors.
Emi: andy what is happening.
Andy: look i dont want kellin to beat you up over this i mean he just needs to calm down and then we can talk this out.
Emi: umm look andy..
Andy: i dont regret it at all.
Emi: you see. Wait you dont?
Andy: no and I'll do it again.
He grabbed my face as I unlocked the door with my thumb and ran out of the car back into the house. But I saw andy quickly following.

~~ sorry guys its short but I had no idea what to make happen after this so just let this sink in and leave ideas:3

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