You? Love?

Tabitha is just another ordinary high school student, apart from being slightly accident prone her life is about as normal as it gets.


1. K's Taxi

Vrroooom! Schoutttchhhh!
That’s the noise the taxi made as it raced along the road and passed through a huge puddle making a veritable tsunami to soak me to the skin. If you think that’s the worst thing that happened to me today, think again, destiny had other ideas. It was as I walked past the familiar dull windows on my way home that it happened; my nemesis from the past emerged.
There I was walking along, minding my own business with my earphones in to block out the world, when someone decided to open a door in my face. I mean one minute I’m looking at the empty path the next my vision is full of chipped paint and weathered wood and my head, I have a nasty purple bruise there now. Seething with rage I looked up to see the most unwelcome sight possible. Framed in that open doorway stood K dressed in black with dyed black hair, K’s real hair colour is a caramel brown. “Still just as clumsy as ever I see.” K sneered wearing that smug expression that used to make me sick in middle school.
“You really are inconsiderate. "I think I replied but with a ringing in my ears I can’t be too sure. I didn’t stick around long to see how K took the remark; I did the smart thing and got out of there before things got any worse.


Minutes from home my phone beeped to tell me I had a text. With a sigh I pulled it out of my pocket, the text was from my best friend Lola. Do you plan on coming home at all today? I couldn’t help but laugh, that question’s her way of asking me to get home so we can hang out and moan about everything from our parents to the other end of the universe. In my mind I could see her waiting at my front door, her soft golden hair pulled into a pony tail and a patient expression on her face. With a smile I sent my reply.
“Tabitha, I was beginning to think you weren’t coming.” Lola smiled at me. “Have you heard the latest?”
“You mean about Fi and Decon?” I asked opening the door at the same time. Fi and Decon are our schools version of pantomime, they go out for a while the fall out over some petty thing and make up again the next week thanks to some elaborate scheme.
“Come on Tab, that’s not fair.” Lola complained pouting, “How did you guess?” Pouting is Lola’s way of making a joke; I know she isn’t really disappointed.
“It’s always Fi and Decon.” I explained with a laugh, “But you’ll never guess whose back in town.” I said dramatically. Lola threw me a blank look; clearly she had no idea what I meant. “K hit me with a door.” I told her pushing my hair back from my forehead so she could get a good look at the impact site.
“K?” Lola squeaked like a frightened mouse. “K can’t be back here...the last I heard he was in Canada.” On K’s hit list Lola held second place, he would spend hours just tormenting us both and thinking of funny new ways to get us in trouble with the teachers; it’s no wonder Lola is as shaken by his return as I am.
“Hey, it’ll be ok Lola.” I said “He probably won’t be staying and anyway even if he did there’s not a high school in the county that’ll have him.”
Lola smiled her perfect smile at that. “I do hope your right.” She said. “Now, about Fi and Decon...”

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