Joey's Best Friend

Joey meets girl Her name is Bella she loves him. She has have a crush on him since I don't know. But she finally got tickets to vidcon to see Joey graceffa


6. Truth or Dare And I spend the night again

                                                                Joey's POV                                                                                                           "Truth or dare Celia." I say "Truth!" " Is it true you had it with Sawyer."  They look at eachother and Sawyer gives a death stare, " Yes." " My turn." Say's Sawyer "Joey truth or dare,"          "Dare." "I dare you to kiss...Bella." I was just shocked why Sawyer why i tell you one thing one thing and then it gets out why why! "fine."  I looked in to Bella's eyes i could tell she was scared but i actually felt pretty calm. I leaned in and she did to. Next thing you know it i am kissing her and i really felt a spark.we hold it for about 30 seconds.                                                                                                                                                                         Bella's POV                                                                                        OMG i am freaking out he is kissing me and i am kissing back OMG i can't belive it! We finally pulled away." Umm me and Celia are pretty tired me and her are going to go to bed." said Sawyer "ok goodnight." me and Joey said. Me and Joey walked to his room. "Do you want to sleep on my bed?" he asked "I don't know." "To bad!" he pulled me down on the bed and covered me and him up "Goodnight Bella."                                         *In the morning*                                                                           I wake up with Joey at his computer. "Joey?" "ya" "did you feel something in that kiss?" "Uhh I did actually i mean like i don't know!" I giggle "what's so funny." He says as he gets up "Nothing just you." "Awww thank you" he said as he went on the bed. " I like you Bella." "Umm i like you too" He leans in to kiss me and i kiss back he smiled as we kissed. "I have to go Joey." "No don't leave me here alone Bella." " I have to or maybe i can stay the night again." i said as i kissed his lips and went on his computer. "I am going to make us a romantic dinner when it is dinner." "Joey don't you don't have to." "But i want to so its my idea for you so i am keeping it."                                                                             *7 hours later*                                                                                Joey is cooking while i am watching tv. yay he's done now i grab my plate and head for the couch with him. "Hey Bella!" i face him with my mouth open wide when i talked. "wh-." He put the chicken in my mouth "Hey!"                                                                                                                                                     After we got done eatting we went to bed. I fell asleep with a nightmare my dad got home from work drunk he went to my room knocking stuff on the floor and yelling at me. I got up and told him that he was drunk next thing you know it we get in to a fight. After i told him that he should go to bed he pushed a lil so i yelled at him then he slapped me on the face and pushed me to the ground while i yell for help no one was home but my dad. I started to scream in my sleep and cry but good thing Joey was awake and it was 10 "Bella Bella!" i woke up crying. "Bella are you ok?" "No no i am not..... Joey!" He cuddled me as i cried in his shirtless chest.

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